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Hanh Brown

Boomer Living Senior Living Broadcast is inspired by the professionals caring for older adults, hosted by Hanh Brown. Every week we have industry professionals on the show, namely neurologists, gerontologists, geriatricians, technologists, caregivers, providers, developers, and operators. They share their journey, impact, and lessons learned in caring for the aging population. Join the conversation of hot topics in serving older adults with friends and industry experts. The future of aging will be different for individuals, families, businesses, communities, and societies. Now is the time to lead, plan, and act. If this podcast resonates with you, feel free to subscribe and share with anyone who you feel may benefit. Send me a message [email protected]

Recent Episodes

Hanh Brown - From Crisis to Opportunity: How Senior Living Providers are Pivoting in a Post-COVID WorldSun, 28 May 2023 | Hanh Brown | Season 4 | Epsisode 176 Episode artwork
"From Crisis to Opportunity: How Senior Living Providers are Pivoting in a Post-COVID World" is a thought-provoking episode that dives into the transformative strategies employed by senior living providers to adapt and flourish amidst the challenges of a post-pandemic era. In this series, we delve into a broad range of tactics, from the creation of smaller, flexible spaces to repurposing existing properties, exploring the profound shift in how healthcare facilities are being imagined and executed. Listeners will gain insights into how providers are using technology to enhance safety measures, improve...Read more

Hanh Brown - Golden Years: Living Life on Your Own TermsSun, 02 Apr 2023 | Hanh Brown | Season 4 | Epsisode 175 Episode artwork
In this thought-provoking episode of the "Golden Years: Living Life on Your Terms" podcast, we delve into various aspects of retirement living that contribute to a fulfilling and independent lifestyle. Our discussion covers essential topics such as maintaining independence, personal fulfillment, health and wellness, and staying connected with others. We share valuable tips on how to stay active and engaged in the community, explore new hobbies and interests, prioritize physical and mental well-being, and foster meaningful intergenerational connections. This episode is packed with practical advice, and insightful reflections on making...Read more

Hanh Brown - Unbelievable Way AI is Transforming Senior Care: The Automation RevolutionSun, 19 Mar 2023 | Hanh Brown | Season 4 | Epsisode 174 Episode artwork
Join us in this podcast "ChatGPT, AI, and Automation Revolutionizing Senior Care & Senior Living." Keeping up with the latest technology and trends in the rapidly expanding senior care industry is becoming increasingly important. That is why we are so excited to invite you to an informative event on the technologies that are revolutionizing senior care and senior living. In this podcast, you'll learn about cutting-edge technologies shaping senior care and senior living marketing. ChatGPT, an AI-powered language model, can revolutionize senior care customer service. With ChatGPT, you can answer...Read more

Hanh Brown - Metaverse & Older Adults: 10 Things You Need to KnowSun, 12 Mar 2023 | Hanh Brown | Season 4 | Epsisode 173 Episode artwork
In this episode 3, of our 3-part series, we'll be talking about Metaverse - a new kind of digital platform that's perfect for older adults! We'll discuss 10 things you need to know about Metaverse before you decide whether it's the right platform for you. We'll also give you an overview of the features and capabilities of Metaverse, so you can decide if it's the right tool for your needs. Metaverse is a new platform perfect for older adults who want to stay connected and engaged with the world. If...Read more

Hanh Brown - Can Technology Benefit Our Aging Loved Ones?Sat, 11 Mar 2023 | Hanh Brown | Season 4 | Epsisode 172 Episode artwork
In this episode 2, of our 3 part series, we'll explore how new technology can benefit our aging loved ones. From staying connected to living independently, we'll see how technology can help our loved ones stay independent and engaged in their lives. Technology is changing rapidly, and it's important that we're aware of the benefits and how it can help our loved ones. In this podcast episode, we'll explore how new technology can benefit seniors and help them stay connected and engaged in their lives. We hope you enjoy learning...Read more

Benjamin Stecher - Deep Brain Stimulation in the Treatment of Neurodegenerative DiseaseWed, 08 Mar 2023 | Hanh Brown / Benjamin Stecher | Season 4 | Epsisode 171 Episode artwork
Attention all healthcare professionals and patients interested in learning about deep brain stimulation for neurodegenerative conditions! Meet Benjamin Stecher, a patient advocate, and researcher who has been living with Parkinson's disease since the age of 29. Benjamin shared his inspiring journey and work in patient and research advocacy, and discussed the latest advancements in deep brain stimulation for neurodegenerative diseases. This is a must-listen for anyone who wants to learn more about managing and treating neurodegenerative conditions, and gain insights from a patient's perspective. Topics covered include: ✅ Exciting research...Read more

Building Bridges to Serve Our Seniors: A Multi-Disciplinary ConversationSun, 19 Feb 2023 | Hanh Brown / Bill Vicary / Marcy E., JD / Stephen Golant, Ph.D. / Aaron D. Murphy, Architect / Darin Leonardson | Season 4 | Epsisode 170 Episode artwork
Welcome to the Boomer Living Broadcast, where leaders from diverse fields come together to better serve the aging population. Our guests from law, architecture, gerontology, culinary, and age technology industries have a common goal of addressing the challenges and opportunities of the growing senior population. Get ready to be inspired and engaged as we explore how different industries can work together to serve our seniors better. Our industry leaders will share their insights and expertise with you, whether you are a seasoned professional or a newcomer. Bill Vicary, the founder...Read more

Hanh Brown - Technology and Older Adults: 10 Things You Need to KnowSat, 11 Feb 2023 | Hanh Brown | Season 4 | Epsisode 169 Episode artwork
If you're an older adult who wants to keep up with the latest technological advances, you need to know about Technology and Older Adults. In this podcast episode, we'll discuss 10 things you need to know about this topic. From how to use technology to stay connected to family and friends, to staying safe online, to stay healthy and mobile, this podcast episode will give you everything you need to know about technology and older adults. So be sure to listen, and then start practicing the tips we discuss so...Read more

Hanh Brown - How to Support an Aging Parent Who Refuses Medical AssistanceSun, 05 Feb 2023 | Hanh Brown | Season 4 | Epsisode 168 Episode artwork
In this podcast episode, we delve into the complex topic of why a parent may refuse medical or home care. We understand that dealing with elderly care resistance can be an emotional and challenging task for caregivers, but understanding the root causes of a parent's refusal of care is crucial in finding ways to support their well-being and maintain their autonomy and dignity. We will explore some of the common reasons for aging parent refusal of care, such as dementia and medical refusal, and provide strategies for supporting a stubborn...Read more

Hanh Brown - How to Age Gracefully: Tips for a Happy, Healthy, and Retirement-ready LifeSun, 05 Feb 2023 | Hanh Brown | Season 4 | Epsisode 167 Episode artwork
As I've gotten older, I've realized that there are so many factors that contribute to aging gracefully. It's not just about the way we look on the outside, but also about how we feel on the inside. That's why I believe that the link between mental health, nutrition, exercise, and embracing our natural beauty is so important. In this podcast episode, I want to share some of the lessons I've learned about aging gracefully and how we can take care of ourselves as we get older. From the importance of...Read more

Hanh Brown - How to Maintain the Safety and Wellbeing of an Aging Parent Who Refuses CareTue, 24 Jan 2023 | Hanh Brown | Season 4 | Epsisode 166 Episode artwork
As we age, the ability to take care of ourselves and make decisions about our healthcare can become more difficult. It is natural for us to want to maintain our autonomy and independence, but sometimes our decisions can put our safety and well-being at risk. This can be especially challenging for caregivers of aging parents who refuse medical or home care. If you find yourself in this situation, you may be feeling frustrated and uncertain about how to safeguard your parent's health. In this podcast episode, we will discuss strategies...Read more

Hanh Brown - 10 Things You Need to Know to Successfully Market to SeniorsSat, 10 Dec 2022 | Hanh Brown | Season 3 | Epsisode 165 Episode artwork
As our population ages, it is important to consider the role of technology in the lives of older adults. We'll explore a variety of topics related to technology and older adults, including how to better understand their needs, what factors influence their decision to adopt new technologies, and what challenges they face when doing so. We will also discuss ways to improve digital literacy among seniors and make technology more accessible and affordable for this population. Finally, we will explore how to ensure that seniors are safe when using technology...Read more

Hanh Brown - How Baby Boomer Entrepreneurs Can Create a Digital Brand to Attract Their Ideal CustomerSat, 03 Dec 2022 | Hanh Brown | Season 3 | Epsisode 164 Episode artwork
Baby Boomers have always been a generation of innovators and entrepreneurs. In fact, according to the Small Business Association, there are over 33.2 million small businesses in the United States. And if you're a Baby Boomer, there's a good chance you're the owner of one of them. But as anyone who has ever run a small business knows, it's not always easy to find and keep customers. In fact, according to a recent study, 71% of small businesses say that generating new leads is their top challenge. So how can...Read more

Tracey Gendron - Why America Thinks Your Age Is a Big DealSun, 06 Nov 2022 | Hanh Brown / Dr. Tracey Gendron, PhD | Season 3 | Epsisode 163 Episode artwork
In America, age is a big deal. We are a youth-obsessed culture that is always looking for the next best thing. This can be seen in the way we talk about aging. We often use words like "elderly" or "senior citizen" to describe older adults, as if they are a different species. This othering creates a sense of distance between us and them, which can lead to negative attitudes and stereotypes.  Ageism is a form of discrimination that is based on age.  It can affect anyone, regardless of their actual...Read more

Alberto Espay - a Study Finds That AB42 Loss of Function Is a Key Factor in the Development of Alzheimer's DiseaseWed, 02 Nov 2022 | Hanh Brown / Dr. Alberto Espay, MD | Season 3 | Epsisode 162 Episode artwork
Imagine for a moment that you are watching your loved one slowly deteriorate. They can no longer remember your name, what they did yesterday, what to do with their keys, or even how to brush their teeth. As the disease progresses, they become more and more withdrawn, until eventually, they can no longer recognize the faces of their loved ones. It's a heart-wrenching experience that I wouldn't wish on anyone. This is the reality for millions of people around the world who are affected by Alzheimer's disease. While there is...Read more

Wendy K. Goidel - Don't Let the Legal Issues of Aging Catch You by SurpriseSun, 23 Oct 2022 | Hanh Brown / Wendy K. Goidel, Esq. | Season 3 | Epsisode 161 Episode artwork
We all hope to live long and healthy lives. But as we age, our bodies change and we may face new challenges. This can be difficult to accept, but it's important to remember that we still have rights and choices - even as we get older. For example, did you know that you have the right to choose how you want to be cared for if you become incapacitated? Or that there are options for long-term care that can help you stay in your own home? Or that you can...Read more

Johannes Boshkow - Behavioral Science: The Key to Better Patient Outcomes for Baby BoomersSat, 22 Oct 2022 | Hanh Brown / Johannes Boshkow | Season 3 | Epsisode 160 Episode artwork
Imagine for a moment that you have been diagnosed with a chronic illness. Perhaps it's diabetes or heart disease. You know that if you don't take care of yourself, the consequences could be severe. So you diligently follow your treatment plan, checking your blood sugar levels or taking your medication every day without fail. But then one day, life gets in the way. You miss a dose of medication, or you forget to test your blood sugar. It seems like no big deal at the time, but soon enough, you...Read more

Giulio Maria Pasinetti - Aging Is Inevitable. But Biological Aging? That's Optional.Thu, 20 Oct 2022 | Hanh Brown / Dr. Giulio Maria Pasinetti, MD, PhD | Season 3 | Epsisode 159 Episode artwork
For thousands of years, humans have been aging. And as our technology has progressed, so has our understanding of aging. We now know that while chronological aging is inevitable, biological aging is not. That's why it's so important to understand the biology of aging. We can reduce our risk factors for disease and improve our quality of life by making conscious choices about how we live our lives. When you hear that the baby boomer generation is getting older and people are living longer than ever before, what does that...Read more

Alex Cahana - Baby Boomers, Blockchain and Beyond: How Web 3.0 Technologies Improve HealthSat, 15 Oct 2022 | Hanh Brown / Dr. Alex Cahana, MD | Season 3 | Epsisode 158 Episode artwork
Baby boomers have always been known for their innovative thinking and for being on the forefront of new technologies. Now, as they enter retirement, baby boomers are once again at the forefront of innovation, this time in the form of Metaverse, Blockchain, and Web 3.0 technologies. While these new technologies offer a world of potential, they also come with a unique set of challenges. One of the biggest challenges is figuring out how to use new technologies to their advantage. Many baby boomers grew up in a time when everything...Read more

Christopher Kunney - The Agetech Revolution: Get Ready to Experience the Future of AgingThu, 06 Oct 2022 | Hanh Brown / Christopher Kunney, CPHIT, CPHIMS, MSMOT | Season 3 | Epsisode 157 Episode artwork
As we all know, the world is changing at an alarming rate. And with that change comes new and #innovative technologies that are destined to revolutionize the way we live our lives. One such area where we see rapid transformation is in #aging and age-related #technologies. Joining me to discuss this exciting topic is Christopher Kunney, CPHIT, CPHIMS, MSMOT. AgeTech is the term used to describe technology that is designed specifically for #olderadults. This includes everything from assistive devices to apps and software that can help seniors stay connected and...Read more

Tazeen H. Rizvi - How Health Technology Is Helping Older Adults Face Aging, and DiseaseSun, 11 Sep 2022 | Hanh Brown / Dr. Tazeen H. Rizvi | Season 3 | Epsisode 156 Episode artwork
Join me in conversation with Dr. Tazeen H. Rizvi, Digital Health Transformation, HealthTech Advisor & Disruptor, to discuss "How Health Technology Is Helping Older Adults Face Aging, Disease, and Disability." As we age, it becomes increasingly important to take steps to maintain our independence and live healthy lives. However, many older adults find this difficult due to the challenges of aging. These include health problems, social isolation, and a lack of access to necessary services. Age tech has emerged as a solution to these challenges. By providing older adults with...Read more

Julie Viola - The Great Resignation, Unpaid Childcare, and Flexible Work SchedulesSun, 17 Jul 2022 | Hanh Brown / Julie Viola, MHA | Season 3 | Epsisode 155 Episode artwork
The Great Resignation has been a hot topic lately, with many people debating its pros and cons. While some see it as a way to improve their work-life balance, others worry about the impact it could have on their career. But what is the Great Resignation, and why is it so controversial? The Great Resignation is when someone voluntarily leaves their job, usually without another job lined up. They do this to focus on other areas of their life, such as their family or personal health. While this may seem...Read more

Marlon Sobol - The Power of Music to Heal Seniors with DementiaMon, 11 Jul 2022 | Hanh Brown / Marlon Sobol MT-BC, LCAT | Season 3 | Epsisode 154 Episode artwork
Researchers have focused on how music can benefit those with Alzheimer's. Anecdotal evidence shows that music can tap memories and reduce anxiety, pain, heart rate, and blood pressure. It can help accelerate healing, boost learning, improve neurological disorders and increase social interaction. Musical memories are often preserved in Alzheimer's disease because key brain areas linked to musical memory are relatively undamaged by the disease. Listening to favorite music can trigger long-term memories and bring comfort to people with Alzheimer's. Music therapy can also reduce agitation, anxiety, and aggression in people...Read more

Craig D. Hanson - A New Kind of Senior Living and How It's Changing the Lives of SeniorsMon, 04 Jul 2022 | Hanh Brown / Craig D. Hanson | Season 3 | Epsisode 153 Episode artwork
As our population ages, it's more important than ever to consider the impact of active aging, brain health, senior living, and affordable housing on the aging population.Active aging is a lifestyle approach that emphasizes involvement in physical, social, and cognitive activities in order to maintain independence and vitality as we age. Brain health is essential for maintaining cognitive function and deferring and maybe preventing dementia.Senior living options can provide a supportive environment for seniors who wish to remain independent and active. Affordable housing is an essential issue for seniors who...Read more

Joel Fuhrman - Nutritional Tips for Brain Health, Longevity, and Healthy AgingSun, 22 May 2022 | Hanh Brown / Dr. Joel Fuhrman, M.D. | Season 3 | Epsisode 152 Episode artwork
You know that you should be eating better, but it's hard to know where to start. Nutrition is one of the most important factors in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but it can also be one of the most confusing. The baby boomer generation is entering into a critical phase of life, where maintaining good health and cognitive function is essential for enjoying a long, active lifestyle. One of the most effective ways to slow down the aging process is to eat a healthy, balanced diet. A diet full of fresh...Read more

Flávio Henrique de Rezende Costa - Don't Let Alzheimer's or Parkinson's Steal Your Loved One's DignitySat, 21 May 2022 | Hanh Brown / Dr. Flávio Henrique de Rezende Costa MD, MSc, PhD | Season 3 | Epsisode 151 Episode artwork
Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases are two of the world's most common neurological disorders. Alzheimer's affects approximately 6.2 million people, while Parkinson's affects nearly 10 million, according to the World Health Organization. These diseases can have far-reaching consequences for both patients and their families. Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease can cause depression and anxiety in addition to memory loss, confusion, and mobility issues. These diseases have a tremendous impact on healthcare systems and families, leading to increased burdens on care providers and significantly altering the lives of those affected. There is no...Read more

Navin Goyal - How Baby Boomers Are Changing the Social Impact LandscapeSun, 15 May 2022 | Hanh Brown / Dr. Navin Goyal M.D. | Season 3 | Epsisode 150 Episode artwork
The Baby Boomer generation is known for being ambitious, hard-working, and eager to take risks. As such, they are well-positioned to invest in early-stage venture capital and alternative investment firms. These firms are often looking for individuals with the financial resources and willingness to take risks that can help them grow impactful companies across the globe. Baby boomers can leverage their experience and networks to make these firms more purpose-driven, inclusive, and accessible. For example, they can provide mentorship and support to entrepreneurs from underrepresented communities or connect them with...Read more

Chuck Gaidica - Sitting Is the New Smoking. Stand Up for Your Health!Wed, 20 Apr 2022 | Hanh Brown / Chuck Gaidica | Season 3 | Epsisode 149 Episode artwork
For years, we've been told that smoking is bad for our health. We know it increases our risk of lung cancer, heart disease, and other serious illnesses. But what about sitting? According to experts, sitting is the new smoking. And like smoking, it can have a negative impact on our health. Studies have linked extended periods of sitting with an increased risk of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. Sitting for long periods of time can also lead to back and neck pain. In fact, some researchers believe that the negative...Read more

Yuen Yung - Retirement Investing: How to Create Multi-generation Wealth with Multifamily Real EstateSun, 10 Apr 2022 | Hanh Brown / Yuen Yung | Season 3 | Epsisode 148 Episode artwork
In today's world, it's more important than ever to think about retirement investing. With traditional pensions becoming increasingly rare, and social security benefits failing to keep pace with the cost of living, retirees are facing greater financial challenges than ever before. One way to address these challenges is to invest in multifamily real estate. By owning rental properties, retirees can generate a reliable source of income that can help to cover their living expenses. Additionally, by carefully selecting properties in areas with strong population growth, retirees can also create multi-generation...Read more

Peter J. Whitehouse and Daniel R. George, American Dementia: Brain Health in an Unhealthy SocietySun, 03 Apr 2022 | Hanh Brown / Peter J. Whitehouse MD, Ph.D. / Daniel R. George Ph.D., M.Sc | Season 3 | Epsisode 147 Episode artwork
Dementia is a growing epidemic that affects individuals and families around the world. Despite the billions of dollars funneled into biomedical research, we still don't have a cure for Alzheimer's. In fact, it's becoming increasingly clear that Alzheimer's is not one disease, but rather a syndrome caused by many different age-related processes. We need to take action now if we want to protect our brains and prevent dementia from becoming an even bigger problem. This means making lifestyle changes like exercising more, eating better, and reducing stress. It also means...Read more

Leith States - The US Department of Health, Age in America and Social Determinants of HealthSun, 27 Feb 2022 | Hanh Brown / Leith States MD, MPH, MBA FACPM | Season 3 | Epsisode 146 Episode artwork
As a society, we are living longer due to better living and health care. While reaching old age is something to be thankful for, there are several challenges facing the seniors that we should all be aware of. We don't realize how much we can help our aging population until we start to age or see a loved one struggle. Here are a few of the concerns that seniors face as we live longer: Memory loss, Dementia or Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson’s disease; Inability to drive or travel independently; Hearing loss,...Read more

Joe Anfuso - How the Baby Boomers Are Transforming the Multi Family Real Estate MarketSun, 27 Feb 2022 | Hanh Brown / Joe Anfuso | Season 3 | Epsisode 145 Episode artwork
Before the pandemic, the idea of aging in place was becoming more popular. Some baby boomers are now wary of nursing homes, where at least one-third of U.S. Covid-19 deaths have occurred, so they are interested in aging in place. The trend is making home shortages and prices even worse for younger buyers who want to get a piece of the real estate wealth. The Silent Generation (born before 1946) had long owned the majority of real estate wealth, but they sold later in life and moved in with extended...Read more

Anne Lester - Baby Boomers: How to save Smart Money and Retire on TimeSun, 27 Feb 2022 | Hanh Brown / Anne Lester | Season 3 | Epsisode 144 Episode artwork
Retirement planning is intimidating, and it's hard to know where to start. Do you feel like you're behind? Are you worried that it's too late to save for retirement? The fact is, there's no one right answer when it comes to how much you need to save for retirement. Depending on your age, income, health, and other factors, you may need more or less than the average person. If you're not saving adequately for retirement, then you're setting yourself up for a difficult future. You may have to work longer...Read more

Louis J. Woolf - Do You Have an Aging Relative That Needs Help?Sun, 20 Feb 2022 | Hanh Brown / Louis J. Woolf | Season 3 | Epsisode 143 Episode artwork
When it comes to aging in America, there are many issues that seniors face. These include brain health/ dementia, to a broad spectrum of issues to affordable housing with services. You should also know what type of retirement community best suits your needs based on location and budget, from aging at home or Independent Living to Memory Care. Seniors face numerous obstacles as they age, including the possibility of becoming disabled or losing a spouse. They must also consider how society will care for them in the future. Seniors and...Read more

Alfonso Fasano - Parkinson's Disease, Is It a Paradigm of Aging?Sun, 13 Feb 2022 | Hanh Brown / Dr. Alfonso Fasano | Season 3 | Epsisode 142 Episode artwork
Parkinson's disease (PD) is a neurodegenerative disorder that is rapidly overtaking Alzheimer's disease as the most common. It's a progressive disorder of the nervous system that affects movement and can lead to tremors, slowness of movement, stiffness in the limbs and trunk, balance problems, and difficulty walking. There is no cure for this disease but there are many ways to manage it. PD has many problems for our society, from caregiver stress to hospitalization costs, but our understanding of genetic and environmental causes is slowly upgrading them to the level...Read more

Senior Housing, Is It a Lifestyle or Medical Necessity? with Calvin SchnureSun, 06 Feb 2022 | Hanh Brown / Calvin Schnure | Season 3 | Epsisode 141 Episode artwork
With the aging of baby boomers, senior housing has become a hot topic. Many people are concerned about how they will pay for their parents' care while also saving money and planning for retirement. There is no easy answer to this question, but we can discuss what's happening with senior housing, Pandemic effects on occupancy, healthcare-related costs and staffing, and some of the major issues facing seniors today. Senior housing is a rapidly growing industry. The number of seniors in the United States is expected to double by 2030, reaching...Read more

Blair Quasnitschka - Secrets to Successful Senior LivingThu, 27 Jan 2022 | Hanh Brown / Blair Quasnitschka | Season 3 | Epsisode 140 Episode artwork
With the elderly, a fast-growing demographic in the U.S., senior housing issues are taking center stage. The rising cost of living, limited options, chronic health problems, and inaccessibility caused by decreased mobility are just some of the housing problems facing the aging population. A successful senior living community is a team effort. In order to provide compassionate care and a fulfilling quality of life for each resident, a TEAM EFFORT is required. The senior living industry faces many challenges, including difficulty COVID-related occupancy, clinical risk management, repairing the damaged mental...Read more

Medicare Advantage, Home Care & Senior Living Resources with Doug Robertson and Kerin ZugerWed, 19 Jan 2022 | Hanh Brown / Doug Robertson / Kerin Zuger | Season 3 | Epsisode 139 Episode artwork
The inclusion of Home Care services in Medicare Advantage plans has doubled from '21 to '22. This means that more seniors are receiving care at home, which is a positive trend for senior living communities and In-Home Care providers. Join me in a LIVE conversation with Doug Robertson, Kerin Zuger, Right at Home. A decentralized care model provides patients with the right care, at the right time, and in the right place. It's a patient-centered approach to health and wellness that gives people access to high-quality services from trusted providers....Read more

Aaron Blight - Caregiving, The Unsung HeroesWed, 12 Jan 2022 | Hanh Brown / Aaron Blight | Season 3 | Epsisode 138 Episode artwork
Caregiving can be an incredibly rewarding experience, but it’s also one of the most challenging. It takes a lot of time and energy to care for another person, especially if they have special needs or are elderly. The last thing you want is to feel like your life has been put on hold because you are constantly worrying about them. You need support from people who understand what you’re going through. -------------------- Bio: Aaron Blight has spent years of his life providing care for a parent, spouse or aging relative....Read more

Brandy Smuzeski - Senior Health Care | Avoid the Last Minute EmergencySun, 21 Nov 2021 | Hanh Brown / Brandy Smuzeski | Season 2 | Epsisode 137 Episode artwork
Do you want to live a long and healthy life? Preventable Services, Annual Wellness Visits, and Advanced Care Planning can make a world of difference in the quality and length of our lives. Prevention is often cheaper than cure. Preventive health care is an important part of living well. By getting regular check-ups and screenings, you can help prevent illness or detect it early when treatment works best. Annual wellness visits are the foundation of preventive health care. They’re also a great opportunity for your doctor to get to know...Read more

Paul Nussbaum - Healing the Spiritual Brain of SeniorsMon, 15 Nov 2021 | Hanh Brown / Dr. Paul Nussbaum | Season 2 | Epsisode 136 Episode artwork
Do you feel like your brain is constantly in overdrive? You’re not alone. We live in a world of constant stimulation, and it takes its toll on our brains. This can have some adverse effects on seniors if they don't have proper mental wellness. With the constant pressure to keep up, it's no wonder that many seniors are in danger of experiencing poor brain health. But there are ways to bring emotional and spiritual balance back into your life. And the first step is understanding how neuroscience has uncovered the...Read more

Stephanie Zeverino - Debunk the Myth of Senior LivingSun, 07 Nov 2021 | Hanh Brown / Stephanie Zeverino | Season 2 | Epsisode 135 Episode artwork
Most of us have our own ideas about what senior living communities are like. Some believe that senior living community is interchangeable with the term nursing home but they are in fact two very different options for seniors. While many leading senior living communities do provide higher-level healthcare services and assistance found in traditional nursing homes, they offer seniors so much more than simply age-related support. The truth is that many people choose to live in an independent lifestyle setting because they want more out of life. Independent senior living...Read more

Allison Boulware - Bridging the Generational Gap in Senior LivingSun, 31 Oct 2021 | Hanh Brown / Allison Boulware | Season 2 | Epsisode 134 Episode artwork
The generation gap is real. And it poses challenges for leaders in the workplace, especially when working with different age groups of employees who have very different perspectives on how to approach their careers and responsibilities at work. This is particularly true for senior living communities. Bridging the generational gap in senior living is necessary for society to thrive. Often, generations feel segregated by age and miss out on precious opportunities that come with being connected across different eras of life experiences. We need connections between our elders as well...Read more

Danielle Roberts - Navigating the Maze of Medicare AdvantageSun, 24 Oct 2021 | Hanh Brown / Danielle Roberts | Season 2 | Epsisode 133 Episode artwork
Do you have a loved one that is currently on Medicare? Or do you work in the senior care industry helping seniors set up their MA plans? If so, then you know how confusing it can be to navigate the maze of Medicare Advantage. There are just too many options and not enough information out there to help seniors make an informed decision;  Seniors are more likely to feel like they are victims instead of empowered. There are so many different plans, carriers, and deductibles. Picking the wrong one will...Read more

Mohammad Nami - Sleep and Brain Health for SeniorsSun, 10 Oct 2021 | Hanh Brown / Dr. Mohammad Nami | Season 2 | Epsisode 132 Episode artwork
Do you know that poor sleep habits are the main cause of the increase in mental health problems? As our lives continue to get busier, sleep becomes less and less of a priority. The consequences are more than just tiredness - poor quality or quantity can lead not only to issues with cognitive function but also an increase in confusion as well as personality changes. These changes make it difficult for seniors who suffer from these disorders to make good decisions regarding their daily routine. Also, Poor sleep and mental...Read more

Jaime Levine - Legal Issues Seniors FaceTue, 05 Oct 2021 | Hanh Brown / Jaime Levine | Season 2 | Epsisode 131 Episode artwork
Do you know what your rights are as a senior? Do your parents or grandparents know? If you’re an older adult, it’s important to be aware of the legal issues that can affect your life. You may face scams and financial exploitation from people who want to take advantage of your age or vulnerability. It is also possible for seniors to become victims of elder abuse, which is any knowing, intentional, or negligent act by a caregiver that causes harm or risk of harm to a vulnerable adult. In some...Read more

Mary S. Daniel - Why Can I See My Husband as a Dishwasher Employee but Not as His Wife?Sun, 26 Sep 2021 | Hanh Brown / Mary S. Daniel | Season 2 | Epsisode 130 Episode artwork
When you love someone with Alzheimer’s, the disease can rob you of your relationship. It also affects everyone else in the family—the children, siblings, and grandchildren who are left behind to care for their loved ones. What do you do when your spouse is diagnosed with this disease that progressively affects the brain and limits one’s ability to remember, think, communicate or take care of themselves? Is it possible to maintain a loving marriage when your spouse has Alzheimer's? Join me in this conversion with Mary S. Daniel. -------------------- Timestamps:...Read more

George Perry - Advocating for Loved Ones Living with DementiaThu, 16 Sep 2021 | Hanh Brown / George Perry | Season 2 | Epsisode 129 Episode artwork
I featured guests to speak on the topic of Alzheimer's because we all need to advocate for those living with dementia, through awareness and empower those family members & people who live with the disease. Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive, degenerative neurological disorder that slowly destroys memory and cognitive abilities. An estimated 6.2 million Americans of all ages are living with Alzheimer's disease in 2021. More than 1 in 9 people (11.3%) age 65 and older have Alzheimer's disease. The number of cases is expected to triple by 2050 as...Read more

Andrew Carle - Seniors Are Not Ready to Stop LearningSun, 05 Sep 2021 | Hanh Brown / Andrew Carle | Season 2 | Epsisode 128 Episode artwork
Many Retirees are looking for a new lifestyle in retirement. They want to be active, intellectually stimulated, and intergenerational. Retirees are flocking to college towns because of the opportunities that abound there. Colleges offer more than just classes; they also provide great social events and intellectual stimulation. The best retirement communities have strong ties with nearby colleges or universities. They've created opportunities for residents featuring intergenerational programs designed specifically for those over 50 years. Seniors can enjoy learning alongside students who are still pursuing education as well as young professionals...Read more

Anna H. Chodos - Healthcare Tips for Older AdultsMon, 16 Aug 2021 | Hanh Brown / Dr. Anna H. Chodos | Season 2 | Epsisode 127 Episode artwork
As our population ages, the demand for health care services and products for older adults is increasing. The U.S. Census Bureau estimates that by 2050 there will be more people over age 65 than under 18 years old in America which means that the senior population is growing faster than any other segment of society. As we age, our bodies change. Some of these changes are due to the natural aging process, while others are caused by external factors. These external factors in older adults can result in unmet needs....Read more

David E. Williams - Healthcare Innovations for Older AdultsThu, 12 Aug 2021 | Hanh Brown / David E. Williams | Season 2 | Epsisode 126 Episode artwork
As the population of older adults grows, so does the number of seniors living alone and in need of help that they can’t always get. Many people want to age in place, but don't have a way to do so safely. This is especially true for individuals who live alone or with caregivers who are not available 24/7. It's easy for things like health issues and accidents to go unnoticed until it's too late. Using healthcare technology allows you to monitor your loved one from afar without being intrusive or...Read more

Alberto Espay - Alzheimer’s Amyloid Theory Into QuestionFri, 06 Aug 2021 | Hanh Brown / Dr. Alberto Espay | Season 2 | Epsisode 125 Episode artwork
Amyloid-Beta And Alzheimer's Disease - Amyloid beta is a protein fragment that's been shown to play an important role in Alzheimer’s disease. The Amyloid beta-protein is a major component of the plaques that form in many people with Alzheimer's disease. As these proteins clump together, they start to interfere and destroy neurons so research involving this protein has been intense; however, it seems as though there are more questions than answers when it comes to how amyloids cause neurodegeneration. Alzheimer’s is the most common form of dementia. In 2021, Alzheimer's...Read more

Arif Kamal - Palliative Needs-Based Care for Older AdultsSun, 01 Aug 2021 | Hanh Brown / Dr. Arif Kamal, MD, MBA, MHS, FAAHPM, FASCO | Season 2 | Epsisode 124 Episode artwork
Older adults need care that is based on their needs, not the facility or doctor's demands. Palliative and hospice care for seniors should be available to those who want it without judgment so they can end life with dignity and peace in a comfortable environment surrounded by loving family members. As a society, we need more services like this which will ensure older people have access to medical help when needed but also leave them feeling dignified at all stages of their lives. -------------------- Timestamps: [00:00] Introduction to channel [01:00]...Read more

Jeff Johnson - Tips on How to Make Technology Work Better for Older AdultsFri, 23 Jul 2021 | Hanh Brown / Jeff Johnson | Season 2 | Epsisode 123 Episode artwork
Older adults are often left out of the design process when new technologies are created. This leaves them with a less than optimal experience, and can even be dangerous to their health. Digital technology needs to be designed for everyone, not just young people who grew up with it as part of their daily lives.  Technology companies need to include older adults in the design process from the beginning if they want to create products that will really work well for this demographic. Not all older people need help, but...Read more

Jason Karlawish - Are You Prepared for the Increase in Cases of Dementia?Sat, 10 Jul 2021 | Hanh Brown / Jason Karlawish | Season 2 | Epsisode 122 Episode artwork
Dementia is a general term for loss of memory, language, problem-solving, and other thinking abilities that are severe enough to interfere with daily life. Alzheimer's is the most common cause of dementia. As life expectancies increase, more and more people are at risk of developing dementia. But what does it even mean? According to, in the United States, there are more deaths from Alzheimer’s and dementia than from breast cancer and prostate cancer combined. In the past few years, Alzheimer’s deaths have increased by 16%. In 2021, Alzheimer’s will...Read more

Michelle Copenhaver - Integrated Technology Platforms to Empower Better Patient CareSat, 03 Jul 2021 | Hanh Brown / Michelle Copenhaver | Season 2 | Epsisode 121 Episode artwork
Health care organizations are challenged to balance financial pressures with the need to provide high-quality, affordable, and accessible health care. Providers must navigate a rapidly changing environment in order to remain competitive while improving the quality of care and reducing costs. The healthcare industry is at an inflection point; A new generation of technology and services that will transform how we think about and manage our long-term health needs. Technology can be used for more than just symptom management; it can also help people live healthier lives through prevention, better...Read more

Max Zamkow - At Third Act Ventures, Invests in Businesses Offering Products and Services Designed for Baby BoomersSun, 06 Jun 2021 | Hanh Brown / Max Zamkow | Season 2 | Epsisode 120 Episode artwork
As the population ages, there is a growing need for products and services to serve this demographic. The Baby Boomer generation is aging rapidly in the US, with over 76 million people now falling into this category. These consumers are already spending money on everything from food to entertainment, but they have yet to be targeted by many companies who want their business. Agetech helps businesses tap into this huge market by offering products and services designed specifically for the needs of baby boomers including housing, entertainment, health & wellness,...Read more

William Pettit - The Merrill Gardens Experience of Senior Living, 5 Must-haves of Senior Living, Middle Income Affordable Housing, Technology Usability for SeniorsThu, 03 Jun 2021 | Hanh Brown / William Pettit | Season 2 | Epsisode 119 Episode artwork
Middle-income seniors have too many financial assets to qualify for Medicaid and not always enough to cover housing and support needs as their health and functional abilities change. If you’re a middle-income senior who wants or needs more help, but can’t afford it, where do you turn? Merrill Gardens offers senior living communities for the middle class with an option for those in need of some extra assistance while maintaining independence.  Whether they need some extra assistance with daily activities or want to enjoy all the perks of an active...Read more

Tracy (Killoren) Chadwell - 1843 Capital, "Silver Tech" Funding Startups That Are Developing Technology for Older AdultsSun, 30 May 2021 | Hanh Brown / Tracy (Killoren) Chadwell | Season 2 | Epsisode 118 Episode artwork
The future of the senior population is here, and it's not what you think. Technological advancements are coming so fast that they're literally changing how we age as a society. Older adults are more active than ever before. To catch up with the changing face of this demographic, many companies have started to develop technology solutions for them. Tracy (Killoren) Chadwell is the founding partner of 1843 Capital, a company dedicated solely to funding startups. She's making her mark through early-stage investments in "Silver Tech", who are developing tech specifically...Read more

Michael Hartman - 55 Plus, Active Living, Community-Centered, Wellness, Socialization, and Independence-Focused Senior HousingSun, 23 May 2021 | Hanh Brown / Michael Hartman | Season 2 | Epsisode 117 Episode artwork
Today's baby boomers want more. They don't want to sit around and wait for their next doctor's appointment or the mailman. They want a vibrant lifestyle that brings them together with other like-minded people who are actively living life to its fullest potential. Seniors have always been active, but they need a place where they feel safe being themselves and doing what they love without having to worry about driving or getting lost in unfamiliar territory. Active living for seniors has been proven time and again to help seniors live...Read more

Ashton Applewhite - Ageism Hurts All Humanity, Society, You, and Your ChildrenSun, 16 May 2021 | Hanh Brown / Ashton Applewhite | Season 2 | Epsisode 116 Episode artwork
Ageism is a form of discrimination and prejudice against older people. It's everywhere, from the workplace to healthcare to entertainment to education. You may not even realize you're being affected by it because it's so ingrained in our culture, but that doesn't mean we should ignore its existence. It hurts the economy; it's unfair to you and your children. Ageism is killing humanity one person at a time. END AGEISM! This can be done by raising awareness about ageism and educating people about how they can prevent it from happening...Read more

Judy Thomas - Making a Difference - Evidence-based Practices Can Improve the Lives of Older CaliforniansFri, 14 May 2021 | Hanh Brown / Judy Thomas | Season 2 | Epsisode 115 Episode artwork
Older adults are at risk for poor health and functional outcomes because of the challenges they face. They often have multiple chronic conditions, such as heart disease, diabetes, and arthritis that require complex care coordination to manage their symptoms and prevent complications. The Coalition seeks to improve the quality of life for older Californians by promoting evidence-based practices in medical homes (including palliative care) through education, training, technical assistance (TA), advocacy, research, and evaluation activities. The Coalition works with its members to develop innovative solutions that meet the needs of...Read more

Jasmine Travers - Healthcare Is a Right for the Whole Human Race, and That Should Be Upheld for Every Single Older AdultMon, 10 May 2021 | Hanh Brown / Jasmine Travers | Season 2 | Epsisode 114 Episode artwork
Older adults are at increased risk for poor health outcomes and have higher rates of mortality than other groups. Research shows that older adults face disparities in access to care due to factors like socioeconomic status, race/ethnicity, gender, and disability. Caregivers and nurses play a critical role in the provision of high-quality healthcare services to this population. To improve higher quality of care, we need to increase awareness through policy change so that our nation’s aging population can be provided with equal access to quality healthcare regardless of race or...Read more

Robert Kramer - Tech and Retail Giants' Senior Care | Proposed Solutions to Nursing Homes | Senior Living Market SegmentationThu, 06 May 2021 | Hanh Brown / Robert Kramer | Season 2 | Epsisode 113 Episode artwork
We're problem-solving futurists and innovators in the aging sector. The Baby Boomer cohort is aging, and the number of seniors is growing rapidly. Aging in place is an essential concept for older adults to age at home longer and healthier.  Technology/ Smart hubs have made it easier for people of all ages to live independently at home, so they delay going into long-term care. Nursing homes are dealing with a lot of problems and challenges. These issues have resulted in lower-quality care, higher staff turnover rates, and declining occupancy rates...Read more

Richard Lui - How and Why Living Selflessly Can Bring Joy Despite DifficultySun, 25 Apr 2021 | Hanh Brown / Richard Lui | Season 2 | Epsisode 112 Episode artwork
Do you want to make a difference in the world? In this episode, I share my conversation with Richard Lui. He explains how living selflessly can change your own life for the better too! Ordinary heroes can make small, practical choices and stop this selfish pandemic. Here are some tips on how and why living selflessly can bring joy despite the difficulty.  Living selflessly is not easy, but it can be rewarding. It’s about giving up what we think we deserve and instead focusing on what others need. We all...Read more

Christina Drumm-Boyd and Amy LaGrant – Caring for a Loved One with DementiaWed, 21 Apr 2021 | Hanh Brown / Christina Drumm-Boyd / Amy LaGrant | Season 2 | Epsisode 111 Episode artwork
When facing Dementia, it's hard to know what to do. If you have been touched by dementia, or are caring for someone with Alzheimer's disease or another form of dementia, our personal journey with our parents may give you some guidance. This episode features Christina Drumm-Boyd, Owner and President of Care Connect of Hampton Roads, and Amy LaGrant, Gerontologist, Co-Founder BrandMETTLE, Ambassador Aging2.0, Walk2ENDALZ Committee Chair. These two leaders are passionate and dedicated to advising caregivers and families going through dementia. We cover topics like seeking services that can walk...Read more

Maria Lee - How Is Hong Kong's Life Expectancy the Highest in the World?Mon, 19 Apr 2021 | Hanh Brown / Maria Lee | Season 2 | Epsisode 110 Episode artwork
Senior care is a growing concern for many people in the world. Hong Kong has a healthy, long-lived population with its life expectancy one of the highest in the world! The government provides a wide variety of social services and benefits to the elders, including community care and support services, residential care services, and social security. Combined with non-governmental support services, these measures ensure that the elders receive the help they need. With a background in hospitality and hospital administration, Maria Lee has a varied background that I’m eager to...Read more

Cameron J. Camp - What Is the Montessori Approach to Dementia?Sat, 17 Apr 2021 | Hanh Brown / Dr. Cameron J. Camp, Ph.D. | Season 2 | Epsisode 109 Episode artwork
Dr. Cameron J. Camp joins me today on Boomer Living. Cameron is a noted psychologist specializing in applied gerontology research and is currently serving as Director of Research and Development for the Center for Applied Research in Dementia. Cameron is well-known in the space for his development of the Montessori method as an intervention for people with dementia. I’m eager to talk to him today about this and much more. Timestamps: [00:00] Pre-Intro dialogue from Cameron [01:30] Introduction to Cameron J. Camp [02:01] What originally got you interested in dedicating...Read more

Chris Guay - Do Your Senior Living Residents Refer You to Their Friends and Families?Wed, 14 Apr 2021 | Hanh Brown / Chris Guay | Season 2 | Epsisode 108 Episode artwork
Chris Guay, the founder, and CEO of Vitality Living is with me on today’s episode of Boomer Living. Vitality Living offers retirement living, assisted living, and memory care communities where residents can live purposefully and experience a profound sense of belonging. With more than 20 years of operations, management, and leadership experience, he has a background from community-level leadership roles to senior executive positions at some of the industry’s largest providers. I’m eager to talk to him today about leadership, culture, and the long-term future of the senior housing industry.Timestamps:...Read more

Paul E. Griffin III - To Meet the Needs of an Older Adult Is One That Takes into Account Their Emotional Needs (Part 2 of 2)Sun, 11 Apr 2021 | Hanh Brown / Paul E. Griffin III | Season 2 | Epsisode 107 Episode artwork
How do you meet the needs of an older adult? You have to pay attention to what matters to them. You have to work with the wisdom and experience they bring to the table. You have to honor their life stories, paying attention to any losses or trauma they may have suffered. And you need a bit of flexibility and creativity in order to think outside the box when it comes to figuring out how they can be engaged in life. Join me to listen to my conversation with Paul...Read more

Char Hu - What is the Role Data Plays in the Future of Long-term Care?Thu, 08 Apr 2021 | Hanh Brown / Char Hu | Season 2 | Epsisode 106 Episode artwork
We Believe In Technology's Ability To Take Data From Other Industries And Provide The Right Size Home Care. Why spend so much money on a caregiver when you don't need it? You can do activity monitoring or predictive analytics to see what times of day your loved one struggles with certain tasks. Then use the program's algorithm to predict which days are most likely for these difficulties based on past data before scheduling caregivers in those time slots. Today I welcome Dr. Char Hu to the program. He’s currently CEO...Read more

Paul E. Griffin III - Is Your Mom Slowing Down More Than She Thinks? (Part 1 of 2)Tue, 06 Apr 2021 | Hanh Brown / Paul E. Griffin III | Season 2 | Epsisode 105 Episode artwork
On this episode of Boomer Living, I'll be speaking to Paul E. Griffin III. He is the founder, CEO, and President of Griffin Living, an award-winning development firm with a specialty in innovative senior living communities. With over 40 years in the industry, Paul has a wealth of experience and has received numerous awards and honors along the way, including the hammer of hope habitat for humanities builder of the year award. We discuss his experience in homebuilding and how that informs his approach to senior living at Griffin Living,...Read more

Michael Marley - Do You Understand the Emotional Needs of Older Adults with Dementia?Mon, 05 Apr 2021 | Hanh Brown / Michael Marley | Season 2 | Epsisode 104 Episode artwork
On this episode of Boomer Living, I'll be speaking to Michael Marley. His passion for helping families through difficult situations surrounding dementia long-term care has led him to counsel thousands of families. His goal is to help them come out of their crisis stronger and with the right next steps for their situation with over a thousand families seen. Timestamps: [00:00] Pre-intro discussion [01:31] Introduction [02:11] Walk us through why you made the shift in your career and where are you located right now? [03:19] Do you feel that your...Read more

Adoption Of Technology Among Older Adults with Ravi Bala, Santosh Govindaraju, Sandeep Pulim M.D.Fri, 02 Apr 2021 | Hanh Brown / Ravi Bala / Santosh Govindaraju / Sandeep Pulim M.D. | Season 2 | Epsisode 103 Episode artwork
In today's episode, I'm joined by Ravi Bala, Sandeep Pulim M.D., and Santosh Govindaraju in Clubhouse. This is an audio drop-in app and it's available in the Apple Mobile App Store. We discuss the topic of older adults, adaption of technology, its benefits, barriers, opportunities, and growth. The introductions are in the conversation. And I appreciate the opportunity for the discussion. Timestamps: [00:23] Introductions [04:30] With regard to technology for older adults, are there any other benefits? [06:57] For older adults, are there ways we can do a better job...Read more

Senior Living Silver Linings Found Amidst The Crisis - Part 5 of 5Sun, 28 Mar 2021 | Hanh Brown and Guests | Season 2 | Epsisode 102 Episode artwork
The pandemic has highlighted the resiliency of the human spirit across humanity. Particularly through serving older adults, has made many people slow down and give them the time to think about what's important in these crazy times, the genuine compassion, courage, heart, and knowledge of the frontline teams are incredible, especially given that they were entirely understaffed underprepared and under-protected. It is the worst best case scenario. And there is tremendous pride in being part of a system that must keep going. Here are five of five conversations, and I...Read more

Senior Living Silver Linings Found Amidst The Crisis - Part 4 of 5Mon, 22 Mar 2021 | Hanh Brown and Guests | Season 2 | Epsisode 101 Episode artwork
The pandemic has highlighted the resiliency of the human spirit across humanity. Particularly through serving older adults, has made many people slow down and give them the time to think about what's important in these crazy times, the genuine compassion, courage, heart, and knowledge of the frontline teams are incredible, especially given that they were entirely understaffed underprepared and under-protected. It is the worst best case scenario. And there is tremendous pride in being part of a system that must keep going. So here are four of five conversations, and...Read more

Joe Anfuso – How Are Big Data and AI Transforming Asset Management?Thu, 18 Mar 2021 | Hanh Brown / Joe Anfuso | Season 2 | Epsisode 100 Episode artwork
Today on Boomer Living we have a returning guest, Joe Anfuso, CFO of MG Properties Group, responsible for directing the financial management of company operations. He’s also an adjunct professor at the University of San Diego, teaching classes in Commercial Real Estate Finance and Investment. We're excited to catch up and talk about how Big Data and AI data science are being put to use in real estate today, and how his company coped during this last year through the COVID-19 pandemic, and much more... [00:00] Pre-intro dialogue [01:59] Introduction...Read more

Dr. David C. Weisman – Is Research Showing Optimism About the Future Diagnosis of and Treatment for Alzheimer's?Tue, 16 Mar 2021 | Hanh Brown / Dr. David C. Weisman, MD | Season 2 | Epsisode 99 Episode artwork
In this episode of Boomer Living, we have Dr. David C. Weisman, MD - Founder of the Clinical Trial Center at Abington Neurological Associates. He has become a leading AD trialist nationwide and has conducted numerous clinical trials in mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s disease, working with nearly every major sponsor and investigation to develop disease-modifying drugs in Alzheimer’s disease. We discuss what Alzheimer's disease is (vs. memory loss, senility, dementia) and how it is diagnosed and is being diagnosed, whether there's hope for a cure for Alzheimer's, what research...Read more

Jon Warner – What’s the Future of Technology for Improving Health and Longevity for Older Adults?Mon, 15 Mar 2021 | Hanh Brown / Jon Warner | Season 2 | Epsisode 98 Episode artwork
In this episode of Boomer Living, we have Jon Warner - Startup Growth Strategy, Digital Health, and Aging Tech Expert, Entrepreneur, and Author. We discuss the Aging category (demographically and psychographically). Population health data about the aging sector, Innovation and Technology best practices in health for older adults, Innovation, and Technology best practices in areas other than health for older adults, Gaps in the space, and where entrepreneurs/startups should focus their time and energy, and much more... [00:00] Pre-intro dialogue [01:41] Introduction [02:18] Since you've had pretty much every role...Read more

Tom Egan - How Do We Continue to Provide Affordable Housing for Seniors?Wed, 10 Mar 2021 | Hanh Brown / Tom Egan | Season 2 | Epsisode 97 Episode artwork
In this episode of Boomer Living, we have Tom Egan. He provides overall executive leadership for FSL [Foundation for Senior Living], oversees the day-to-day operations, provides fiduciary oversight, and is actively involved in fund development. Tom promotes greater awareness of FSL within the community and guides the vision and strategic direction for FSL. We discuss why he started FSL, his focus on clients and their caregivers, one-on-one customized care, the state of affordable housing, the effect of the pandemic on affordable housing, and much more... [00:00] Affordable housing, particularly for...Read more

Todd Andrews - How Do Successful Senior Living Organizations Look in the Future?Sat, 06 Mar 2021 | Hanh Brown / Todd Andrews | Season 2 | Epsisode 96 Episode artwork
In this episode of Boomer Living, we have Todd Andrews, Division President, responsible for overseeing Asbury Communities CCRC’s that encompass a portfolio of 8 communities in 3 states. These communities serve 4300 residents and employ more than 2800 associates. This role encompasses full operational accountability, innovation, and service delivery to support Asbury’s mission of Doing All the Good We Can. During Todd’s 28 plus years serving residents, he has provided strategic leadership in both the not-for-profit and for-profit sectors. A staunch advocate for helping others live their best life, Todd’s...Read more

Dr. Nate Bergman - Can You Prevent Memory Loss And Alzheimer's Or Is It Inevitable?Sun, 28 Feb 2021 | Hanh Brown / Dr. Nate Bergman | Season 2 | Epsisode 95 Episode artwork
On this episode of Boomer Living, we have Dr. Nate Bergman, Chief Scientific Wellness Officer for Kemper Cognitive Wellness, speaking about brain health and the concept of "Scientific Wellness" and how it relates to brain aging and wellness. [01:24] Introduction [02:04] Is memory loss preventable in any way or is it inevitable as we age? [03:16] Aside from memory loss, what other kinds of cognitive loss are possible and how can we pick up on this early both for ourselves and observing it in our loved ones? [06:49] Do you...Read more

Julia Mayer - Barry Jacobs - What is the Impact of Caregiving on Relationships for Couples Over 50?Sat, 27 Feb 2021 | Hanh Brown / Julia Mayer, Psy.D. / Barry Jacobs, Psy.D. | Season 2 | Epsisode 94 Episode artwork
On this episode of Boomer Living, we have Barry Jacobs and his wife, Julia Mayor. Both are clinical psychologists and together they co-authored two books: "Love and Meaning After 50", and "Meditations for Caregivers". [01:24] Introduction [02:02] As you get older, how does the role of marriage change? [04:58] Why is the divorce rate among married couples over 50 increasing in the US? [07:07] Do you think any of this is because of a lack of understanding of relationships, changing roles as we age? What can couples do to lessen...Read more

Dr. Regina Koepp - Understanding Older Family Dynamics and What Are the 6 Stages of Caregiving?Mon, 22 Feb 2021 | Hanh Brown / Dr. Regina Koepp | Season 2 | Epsisode 93 Episode artwork
Dr. Regina Koepp is the founder and CEO of Gero Champions, a company that provides training and education to enhance the mental health and wellness of older adults and their families. Dr. Koepp is the creator and host of the Psychology of Aging Podcast where she discusses aging and caregiving. She has been featured in the Chicago Tribune, Baltimore Sun, Insider, and is a contributing writer at Psychology Today. Topics of Discussion:[02:12] Introduction[02:58] What is the best way to study caregiving and what are some of the important roles of...Read more

Calvin Schnure - What is the 2021 Outlook for the Macroeconomy and Senior Housing?Sun, 14 Feb 2021 | Hanh Brown / Calvin Schnure | Season 2 | Epsisode 92 Episode artwork
Calvin Schnure, Senior Vice President, Research & Economic Analysis for Nareit shares with us his thoughts on the 2021 senior housing market.Impact of the pandemic on senior living communitiesWhat has been the impact on occupancy rates?What has been the financial impact of this on the communities?What is driving this lower demand? Is it preference or fear of COVID, or are there bigger macroeconomic factors at play here like unemployment?What makes the recession caused by this pandemic different from other historical recessions?What will the impact of this difference be on senior...Read more

Dr. Rhonda Collins - A Glimpse At How a Senior Living Community Rolled Out the COVID-19 VaccineSun, 14 Feb 2021 | Hanh Brown / Dr. Rhonda Collins, M.D. | Season 2 | Epsisode 91 Episode artwork
I discuss the COVID-19 vaccine with Dr. Rhonda Collins, M.D., Chief Medical Officer for Revera, an owner, operator, and investor in the senior living sector with an aim to improve the aging experience by celebrating the ageless spirit of older adults. She joins me today for the second time on Boomer Living to discuss the new coronavirus vaccines that have been in the news so much recently. Topics of discussion:Why is it so important that our older adults get vaccinated quickly? [02:17]What is different about this vaccine? How does the...Read more

Thomas Sanders - How Should Senior Living Marketers Use Photos of Older Adults on Social Media?Tue, 09 Feb 2021 | Hanh Brown / Thomas Sanders | Season 2 | Epsisode 90 Episode artwork
Thomas Sanders is a photographer who shoots for a wide variety of clients, from Esquire magazine to senior living communities. A professor of photography at the Savannah College of Art and Design, Sanders is also the author of two photography books, "The Last Good War: The Faces and Voices of  WWII” was published by Welcome Books in 2010. As the winner of the 2010 Foreword Reviews' Book of the Year Award for Editor's Choice Nonfiction as well as a selection of The History Book Club and The Military Book Club,...Read more

Riley Gibson - Will Older Adults Homesharing Like the "Golden Girls" Be Trending?Tue, 09 Feb 2021 | Hanh Brown / Riley Gibson | Season 2 | Epsisode 89 Episode artwork
Riley Gibson President, Silvernest Riley Gibson is the president of Silvernest, a unique online homesharing service designed to pair boomers, retirees, empty nesters and other aging adults with compatible housemates. He is responsible for overseeing the company’s strategic vision and day-to-day execution, driving innovation and growth for its technology platform, and creating housing solutions that serve as a model for the future. Prior to assuming the role of president, Riley was Silvernest’s senior vice president of product, responsible for running a high-performing team through all aspects of the design and...Read more

Jill Johnson - Trends in Senior Living Marketing and Management ConsultingSun, 07 Feb 2021 | Hanh Brown / Jill Johnson | Season 2 | Epsisode 88 Episode artwork
Jill Johnson is a two-time business Hall of Fame consultant whose work has influenced more than $4 billion worth of decisions for numerous senior living clients located throughout the United States. Jill’s engagements have encompassed the entire continuum of senior living services including active adult housing, independent housing with services, assisted living, memory care, skilled nursing, post-acute care, home healthcare and hospice services. She has personally visited more than 2,000 senior living communities across the nation and studied at least a thousand more. Topics Discussed:Differences in all types of senior...Read more

Dr. Aubrey de Grey - What Causes Human Aging and How to Reverse Aging?Sun, 07 Feb 2021 | Hanh Brown / Dr. Aubrey de Grey PhD | Season 2 | Epsisode 87 Episode artwork
Dr. Aubrey de Grey is a biomedical gerontologist based in Mountain View, California, USA, and is the Chief Science Officer of SENS Research Foundation, a California-based 501(c)(3) biomedical research charity that performs and funds laboratory research dedicated to combating aging. In addition, he is Editor-in-Chief of Rejuvenation Research, the world’s highest-impact peer-reviewed journal focused on intervention in aging. He received his BA in computer science and Ph.D. in biology from the University of Cambridge. His research interests encompass the characterization of all the types of self-inflicted cellular and molecular damage...Read more

Emily Johnson - Empowering Recreation, Fitness, and Wellness in Senior LivingWed, 03 Feb 2021 | Hanh Brown / Emily Johnson | Season 2 | Epsisode 86 Episode artwork
Emily Johnson is the Founder and Creative Director of StrongerU Senior Fitness. The first senior fitness certification globally to empower recreation, fitness, and wellness professionals and senior-serving organizations such as retirement communities and senior centers to deliver quality, safe, effective, and engaging fitness experiences through monthly pre-choreographed class content. She is on a mission to help seniors stay physically strong, intellectually sharp, and socially connected. Topics Discussed:The current state of fitness in senior livingMisconceptions about aging and exercise – ie. Gentle exercise and stretchingHow focusing on fitness can help senior...Read more

Ryan Haller - Dave Mazurek - Continuum of Care Through the 11 Dimensions of WELLthWed, 03 Feb 2021 | Hanh Brown / Ryan Haller / Dave Mazurek | Season 2 | Epsisode 85 Episode artwork
Ryan Haller Founding Principal Ryan has over 15 years of experience in operations, real estate development, and M&A in the senior living field. He has been featured in many national publications, and is a frequent speaker at industry events including NIC, LTC 100, Senior Living 100, and Senior Housing News’ BUILD. Ryan seeks every opportunity to be a trailblazer in the industry, as exemplified by his time at Avamere as Chief Development Officer creating the Ovation brand with the assistance of Ritz Carlton hotels. Ryan has led north of $3.7B...Read more

Senior Living Silver Linings Found Amidst The Crisis - Part 3 of 5Sat, 30 Jan 2021 | Hanh Brown and Guests | Season 2 | Epsisode 84 Episode artwork
The pandemic has highlighted the resiliency of the human spirit across humanity, particularly those serving the older adults. It has made many people slow down and give them the time to think about what’s most important. In healthcare, the true compassion, courage, heart, and knowledge of the front-line teams are and have been incredible. Especially given that they were entirely understaffed, underprepared, and under-protected. It is the worst best-case scenario, and there is tremendous pride in being part of the system that must keep going. There are many things to...Read more

Senior Living Silver Linings Found Amidst The Crisis - Part 2 of 5Sat, 30 Jan 2021 | Hanh Brown and Guests | Season 2 | Epsisode 83 Episode artwork
What is the “silver lining” in this crisis for you? In times of crisis, we must project optimism and look for opportunities and possibilities.  We will survive this crisis and come out of it stronger if we work together, demonstrate resilience, stay focused on what’s most important, and identify opportunities that others miss. We are all being tested, as human beings, in ways that were unimaginable at the beginning of the pandemic.  Here are (2 of 5) conversations, and I hope you will enjoy recording friends and industry experts share...Read more

Senior Living Silver Linings Found Amidst The Crisis - Part 1 of 5Sat, 30 Jan 2021 | Hanh Brown and Guests | Season 2 | Epsisode 82 Episode artwork
2020 has been an eventful year for all of us globally, particularly for healthcare workers and older adults in long-term care. However 2020 had silver linings that would stand out as astonishing triumphs of human achievement in any older year. There were tremendous leaps in areas ranging from public health to medicine and technology. There's so much to fight for, and honor the work of many people who under adverse conditions in a challenging time, still made tremendous progress on critical problems. As we move into 2021 heading loss, many...Read more

Kate Swaffer - Diagnosed With Dementia While Impacting the Policies for DisabilitiesTue, 26 Jan 2021 | Hanh Brown / Kate Swaffer | Season 2 | Epsisode 81 Episode artwork
Kate Swaffer, MSc, BPsych, BA, Retired Nurse Chair, CEO & co-founder, Dementia Alliance International                                    Kate Swaffer is a humanitarian and an award-winning campaigner for the rights of people with dementia and older persons globally. She has a Master of Science in Dementia Care, a Bachelor of Psychology, a BA, a graduate Diploma in grief counselling, and is a retired chef, and a retired nurse. Swaffer has played a key role in campaigning for...Read more

Jake Rothstein - Turn-key Private Apartment Home in a Vibrant, Intergenerational Community for Active Older AdultsSun, 10 Jan 2021 | Hanh Brown / Jake Rothstein | Season 2 | Epsisode 80 Episode artwork
Jake Rothstein is the CEO and Founder of UpsideHoM, whose mission is to enhance the quality of life for older adults everywhere. UpsideHoM is the first and only fully managed, shared living option for older adults, providing a turn-key, affordable and appealing alternative to traditional senior living. Jake previously co-founded Papa - a company which pairs older adults and families with “Papa Pals” for companionship and assistance with everyday tasks - based on experience with his own grandfather (who he called Papa). Witnessing the wide-spread nature of loneliness, isolation and...Read more

Sandeep Pulim - Backend Technology Platform as a Service, Optimizing Healthcare Delivery for the Aging PopulationSun, 10 Jan 2021 | Hanh Brown / Sandeep Pulim | Season 2 | Epsisode 79 Episode artwork
Dr. Sandeep Pulim, MD is the Chief Medical Officer at Bluestream Health. He most recently served as the Chief Innovation Officer at Medici, and prior to joining the Medici team, Sandeep worked to enable cognitive technology at the point of care for HCPs and patients, to positively impact clinical learning and quality measures for healthcare organizations, pharma, and payers. Previously as co-founder of Health Recovery Solutions, he helped empower patients to better manage their health and improve quality of life using evidence-based interventions using remote patient monitoring. Topics Covered:Access to...Read more

Lydia Cristobal - Evidence-Based Practice Design in Long Term Care & Tailoring to the Geriatric PopulationSun, 10 Jan 2021 | Hanh Brown / Lydia Cristobal | Season 2 | Epsisode 78 Episode artwork
Dr. Lydia Cristobal DNP, LNHA, RN-BC, NEA-BC is a healthcare executive who has worked in various health care settings and specializes in post-acute and geriatric care.  She earned her undergraduate and graduate degrees in nursing administration from New York University and Doctor of Nursing practice from Yale University.  Her credentials are licensed nursing home administrator, board certified in gerontology, and board certified in advanced nurse executive practice.  A Veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom, she continues to serve in the U.S. Army Reserve as a Major in the Nurse Corps at...Read more

Amy Goyer - AARP Family Caregiving, Aging, and Multigenerational Issues Expert - Empowered, Inspired, Motivated CaregivingThu, 31 Dec 2020 | Hanh Brown / Amy Goyer | Season 2 | Epsisode 77 Episode artwork
Amy Goyer, author of "Juggling Life, Work and Caregiving" and is a nationally known writer, speaker and consultant specializing in caregiving and family issues. Amy serves as AARP's national family and caregiving expert, columnist, and spokesperson, and moderates AARP’s Facebook Family Caregivers Discussion Group. Her columns and caregiving YouTube series share her personal caregiving journey as well as practical, actionable tips for caregivers. Amy is often quoted, and a recognized media authority and frequent guest on NBC’s Today show with 35 years of experience in the field of aging, she...Read more

Donika Schnell - Seasoned National Healthcare Lender with Both Operational and Financing ExpertiseThu, 31 Dec 2020 | Hanh Brown / Donika Schnell | Season 2 | Epsisode 76 Episode artwork
Donika Schnell began her healthcare career in financing as a hospital consultant at KPMG and then in financial reporting with The University of Chicago Hospitals. She transitioned to lending to healthcare providers starting with working capital finance in lending operations and adding real estate and cash flow term loans soon after. Donika moved into business development for Heller Financial, GE Capital and then CapitalSource building pipelines and relationships to providers and capital providers along the entire continuum of healthcare primarily in the Western half of the country. With rounded lending...Read more

Susan (Frazier) Ryan - The Green House Project, Alternative to the Traditional Nursing HomeTue, 29 Dec 2020 | Hanh Brown / Susan (Frazier) Ryan | Season 2 | Epsisode 75 Episode artwork
Susan Ryan, Senior Director of The Green House Project, is a leader in the strategic development of  innovative thinking and cultural paradigm shifts. With international speaking and project management  experience, she has served as an integral part of The Green House Project for over 12 years and has led  the team through key transitions. In the quest for quality long-term care environments that are  accessible and affordable to all, Susan has sought to leverage lessons learned from research conducted  on the Green House model to develop protocols and metrics to...Read more

Sara Kyle - Kelly Stranburg - Engagement Programs for Senior Living ResidentsTue, 29 Dec 2020 | Hanh Brown / Sara Kyle / Kelly Stranburg | Season 2 | Epsisode 74 Episode artwork
Sara Kyle, Founder and Principal for LE3 Solutions Sara Kyle, Ph.D. has spent the last 12 years researching, designing, writing, and implementing resident well-being programs across the continuum of care. From leading and overseeing programming across 108 skilled nursing, assisted living and memory care communities to overseeing the charge for Holiday Retirement to transform their resident program in 260 communities, Sara thrives in challenging settings. She is relentless when it comes to urging individual point solutions to integrate and share resident data in one location. While best intentions and knowledge...Read more

Rhian Horgan - Silvur Financial App Helping Baby Boomers Navigate RetirementSun, 13 Dec 2020 | Hanh Brown / Rhian Horgan | Season 2 | Epsisode 73 Episode artwork
Rhian Horgan is the Founder and CEO of Silvur, a fintech app dedicated to helping baby boomers navigate their next act. Her parent company Kindur was named to the 2020 Forbes Fintech 50 and has been featured in the NY Times, Forbes, Inc Magazine, CNBC, Crains, Yahoo Finance and Business Insider.  Prior to founding the company, Rhian was a Managing Director at JP Morgan Asset Management.  Born and raised in England and Ireland, Rhian lives in New York City with her husband and two young children. Topics Discussed:How retirement has...Read more

Christine Weber Craik - Environments Designer for Senior Living, Geriatric, Healthcare, Independent, Assisted, Memory CareFri, 11 Dec 2020 | Hanh Brown / Christine Weber Craik | Season 2 | Epsisode 72 Episode artwork
Christine Weber Craik brings over 20 years of experience working in the design industry, specifically in senior living, multifamily and geriatric healthcare design. She strives to create environments in which others can healthfully and happily live their best lives. She has received her Registered Professional membership with the ASID, IDC (IDIBC) and IIDA, and she is a Board Certified Healthcare Interior Designer with the AAHID and serves on the board of the non-profit German-Canadian Benevolent Society, whose mission is to provide quality care and support for seniors in British Columbia....Read more

Glen Roebuck - Providing High-Quality Health Care Services to Older Adults | Assisted Living for the ElderlyTue, 08 Dec 2020 | Hanh Brown / Glen Roebuck | Season 2 | Epsisode 71 Episode artwork
Glen Roebuck has served as a leader in senior health care and post-acute care for over 32 years. His career has spanned a wide range of positions with growing responsibility. He holds an MBA and Certificate in Leadership from the University of Iowa, and undergraduate degree from The College of Wooster. Mr. Roebuck has been a licensed Nursing Home Administrator in three states, and served as a regional director of senior care operations in numerous states throughout the Midwest and Mountain West. He has also served in strategic leadership roles,...Read more

Joe Germain - Senior Living Leadership and Investing in Your StaffMon, 07 Dec 2020 | Hanh Brown / Joe Germain | Season 2 | Epsisode 70 Episode artwork
Joe Germain is a proven senior living executive, who has worked his way through the ranks in the industry by being a true relationship architect. Starting as a consultant, Joe has helped many operators turn properties and community's around by developing operational and sales strategies that have lead to successful outcomes. Joe has worked with many operators ranging from operational and sales roles. Most recently, he serves as the Regional Director of Sales and Marketing for Civitas Senior Living. Joe leads a team of 9 communities. 8 that are in...Read more

Ravi Bala - Product and Business Model Development Technology Solutions for Older AdultsTue, 01 Dec 2020 | Hanh Brown / Ravi Bala | Season 1 | Epsisode 69 Episode artwork
Ravi Bala is an AgeTech Evangelist and a startup mentor in AgeTech and Remote Monitoring. He is a Co-Founder and former Board Member at HealthSignals, LLC, a leader in technology solutions for better senior living. An innovator and an expert in mobile health, conversational AI and digital strategy, he has a successful track record of creating and managing teams of independent thinkers. He has a tenacious dedication to compassion and dignity in the workplace. He is a teacher, a mentor, and a coach at heart and works with many startup...Read more

Christine Thelker - I Am Living With Dementia, With Joy and PurposeMon, 23 Nov 2020 | Hanh Brown / Christine Thelker | Season 1 | Epsisode 68 Episode artwork
This episode is a first for Boomer Living – Christine Thelker is an elder care advocate who has been living with dementia for six years. She is very open about her experience and why she chose to make it public. Christine opens up about the friendships and relationships she’s lost because of her transparency about her dementia diagnosis. She also shares some of the ways her dementia diagnosis has impacted her day-to-day life and capabilities. Christine's LinkedIn Profile: more

Cliff Ewing - How Can Ventilation Systems Be Used to Slow the Spread of the Corona Virus?Mon, 23 Nov 2020 | Hanh Brown / Cliff Ewing | Season 1 | Epsisode 67 Episode artwork
Cliff Ewing and I talked about an important part of elder care that is often left out of the conversation – heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, or HVAC. During his seven years in the HVAC industry, he’s worked on projects in multifamily settings, healthcare settings, and emergency room settings. We talk about the impact COVID is having on his work and how it is making HVAC more important than ever for our immunocompromised aging population. Finally, we discuss the benefits of improved air quality and the unfortunate obstacles that prevent...Read more

Robert Espinoza - It Is Time to Resolve the Direct Care Workforce Crisis in Long-Term CareMon, 23 Nov 2020 | Hanh Brown / Robert Espinoza | Season 1 | Epsisode 66 Episode artwork
Robert Espinoza works to strengthen the direct care workforce; in his role at Phi, he is the vice president of policy, overseeing research and public education. We talk about how he got interested in aging and long-term care from his own experience of watching his parents age. He tells about who direct care workers are and the essentials they play in elder care facilities. Robert and I discuss the high turnover rates associated with direct care workers, and he provides some ways to mitigate this. We finish by speculating what...Read more

2020 Senior Housing Update with Jacob Fisher from Pennrose LLC and Leon Caldwell from Ujima Developers LLCWed, 18 Nov 2020 | Hanh Brown / Leon D. Caldwell / Jacob Fisher | Season 1 | Epsisode 65 Episode artwork
Leon D. Caldwell, Ph.D Leon is a senior level solution focused strategist for social innovation. He is an accomplished leader in philanthropy, education, and social innovation. An award winning international scholar-activist, change agent and researcher with a track record of moving from vision to execution in multiple settings. An entrepreneurial mindset and professional counseling training are foundations for his ability to work collaboratively to design solutions within ecosystems. Dr. Caldwell has transformative leadership, thought partnership and consulting experiences across multiple sectors. Leon's Links: LinkedIn: Twitter: Jacob Fisher Regional...Read more

Timothy J. Reidy - Impact of the Corona Virus on the Senior Housing MarketSun, 15 Nov 2020 | Hanh Brown / Timothy J. Reidy | Season 1 | Epsisode 64 Episode artwork
Timothy J. Reidy’s career of 40 years includes successfully completing projects for local, national and international builders and developers, including mid & high-rise multifamily senior living, condominium and apartment projects. With over 14 years of experience working for national senior living owners and operators, including Classic Residence by Hyatt (now Vi Living), Devonshire, Paradise Retirement and HRA. Mr. Reidy has directed the design and construction completion of projects across the United States (CA, NY, IL, FL, CO, TX, NJ & HI). He is a graduate of Arizona State University and...Read more

Lakelyn Hogan - Loneliness and Isolation Impact on Older AdultsSun, 15 Nov 2020 | Hanh Brown / Lakelyn Hogan | Season 1 | Epsisode 63 Episode artwork
Lakelyn Hogan serves as Gerontologist and Caregiver Advocate at the Global Headquarters of Home Instead®. Lakelyn began her career at the local franchise working one-on-one with seniors and CAREGivers. Today at the Global Headquarters, Lakelyn works to educate professionals in aging, families and communities on Home Instead’s services and how to navigate the unique challenges older adults face. Lakelyn is a doctoral candidate at the University of Nebraska – Omaha where she is studying Social Gerontology. She has a Master of Arts in Social Gerontology and Master’s in Business Administration...Read more

Judy Cornish - From Theory to Practice Person Centered Dementia Care, the DAWN MethodSun, 15 Nov 2020 | Hanh Brown / Judy Cornish | Season 1 | Epsisode 62 Episode artwork
Judy Cornish is an author, founder of the Dementia & Alzheimer’s Wellbeing Network (DAWN®), creator of the DAWN Method® of dementia care, and a retired elder law attorney. Her two books (The Dementia Handbook and Dementia With Dignity) take person-centered dementia care from theory to practice by identifying the skills not lost to dementia. Through DAWN, Cornish provides online training programs for families and professional caregivers, as well as certification courses for agencies and facilities. Cornish’s life work has been making dignified dementia care and aging in place available for...Read more

Aaron Blight - When Caregiving Calls, Caring for a Parent, Spouse, or Aging RelativeSun, 08 Nov 2020 | Hanh Brown / Dr. Aaron Blight | Season 1 | Epsisode 61 Episode artwork
Dr. Aaron Blight, Ed.D., is the author of a new book, "When Caregiving Calls: Guidance as You Care for a Parent, Spouse, or Aging Relative", which was just released last month. Dr. Blight is the Founder of Caregiving Kinetics, a consulting firm dedicated to those who care for the aging population. He’s also an Adjunct Professor at Shenandoah University. He has served as a family caregiver, home care company owner, caregiving scholar, and leader at the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. BOOKLIFE REVIEW:  Editor’s Pick: BookLife Reviews named When...Read more

Marc Cayle - Technology Deployment to Serve Older AdultsSun, 08 Nov 2020 | Hanh Brown / Marc Cayle | Season 1 | Epsisode 60 Episode artwork
Marc Cayle is a 15-year veteran of the age in place industry that includes leading his multi-territory Comfort Keepers franchise to award-winning status, as well as launching ONKÖL, a remote monitoring hub that allows seniors’ circle of care to be informed of health challenges and daily living activities. His latest venture, Silver Maple Solutions, combines his past experience helping seniors with his passion for identifying the best technology solutions so they can stay in their homes with the dignity and grace they deserve. Marc can be reached at 414-331-0224 and...Read more

Matthew Lefferman - Mobile Medical Care and Telehealth Serving Older AdultsSun, 08 Nov 2020 | Hanh Brown / Dr. Matthew Lefferman | Season 1 | Epsisode 59 Episode artwork
Dr. Matthew Lefferman is a pioneer in the field of geriatric mobile medical care. His unique care model has been providing quality mobile care for the geriatric community in greater Los Angeles for over a decade.  Dr. Lefferman has an undergraduate degree from John Hopkins University, and received his medical degree as a D.O. from Midwestern University. From his experiences in residency, and close connections to his grandparents, he discovered his passion for working in the field of geriatrics, and his unique ability to connect with seniors. As a practicing...Read more

Anurag Gupta - Emergency Care and Specialty Care Telemedicine for SeniorsTue, 03 Nov 2020 | Hanh Brown / Anurag Gupta, MD, MBA, MMSc | Season 1 | Epsisode 58 Episode artwork
Dr. Gupta is the Founder and CEO of Tembo Health, a telemedicine startup seeking to revolutionize healthcare delivery, and is an Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine at both the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai and the Zucker School of Medicine. He received his MMSc in clinical informatics from Harvard Medical School, earned his MD and MBA degrees from the University of Michigan and, after training in emergency medicine at Mount Sinai Beth Israel in NYC, completed a postdoctoral NIH/NLM research fellowship at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston....Read more

DeAnne Clune - Seniors Better Together, We're Open for Business, Check out Your Nearby Senior LivingTue, 03 Nov 2020 | Hanh Brown / DeAnne Clune | Season 1 | Epsisode 57 Episode artwork
DeAnne Clune is a 30-year sales and marketing veteran, specializing in marketing senior living communities and organizations since 1999. She has worked with both forprofit and not-for-profit communities, serving in corporate, regional, and consulting roles. Her expertise includes a variety of community types, such as CCRC’s/LPC’s, Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care, Affordable communities (bond and tax credit) and Active Adult (55+) communities. She also has experience with both entrance fee and monthly rental agreements. DeAnne is passionate about helping others in the senior living sector to successfully launch new...Read more

Candy Cohn - Becky Dieter - Empowering Seniors With Options and Resources for Them to Make Decisions ConfidentlyTue, 03 Nov 2020 | Hanh Brown / Candy Cohn / Becky Dieter | Season 1 | Epsisode 56 Episode artwork
Candy Cohn is a Certified Senior Advisor® and owner of Oasis Senior Advisors South Florida. Originally from Philadelphia, Candy has lived in Florida since 1985. After living in Martin County for years, she moved to Delray Beach in 2008 and then to Boca Raton in 2017. Her background in healthcare marketing includes community relations at Martin Memorial Hospital in Stuart, FL; writing for “Psychotherapy Finances” newsletter; Marketing Director for Flexsite Diagnostics; and community relations at the Visiting Nurse Association of Florida. After helping her own parents move to a senior...Read more

Victoria Kozar - Advocate for Those Who Can't Advocate for ThemselvesMon, 02 Nov 2020 | Hanh Brown / Victoria Kozar | Season 1 | Epsisode 55 Episode artwork
Victoria Kozar found her passion for geriatrics as one of the pioneer participants in the groundbreaking Students-in-Residence program, spending a year living with the older adults of an assisted living community. After one of her neighbors and close friend from the experience began to struggle with cognitive decline, she dove head first to learn all she could about Alzheimer’s and other dementias. She went on to share her friendship and story on the Steve Harvey show and ABC World News and continues to inspire other young people to see the...Read more

Krystal L. Culler - Caring for Your Brain and Your Body Across the LifespanSun, 01 Nov 2020 | Hanh Brown / Dr. Krystal L. Culler | Season 1 | Epsisode 54 Episode artwork
Dr. Krystal L. Culler, DBH, M.A. is the Founder of the Virtual Brain Health Center powered by Your Brain Health Matters, LLC. She is a Doctor of Behavioral Health and a Senior Atlantic Fellow for Equity in Brain Health with Global Brain Health Institute at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, where she completed her residency training on dementia prevention. Topics discussed:Entry into the field & background (why interest in brain health)What is brain health?Why does brain health matter?Review of lifestyle factors that impact brain health optimization and performance that are also...Read more

Anne Kenny - Making Tough Decisions about End-of-Life Care in DementiaFri, 23 Oct 2020 | Hanh Brown / Anne Kenny MD | Season 1 | Epsisode 53 Episode artwork
Anne Kenny, MD, author of "Making Tough Decisions about End-of-Life Care in Dementia", is a Professor of Medicine with specialty training and board certification in Geriatric Medicine, and Palliative and Hospice care. She has been a practicing physician for over 30 years and has been recognized by her peers as a “Top Doc” in Geriatric Medicine. She has been honored with a Brookdale National Fellow and the prestigious Paul Beeson Physician Faculty Scholar awards. Dr. Kenny has worked clinically as a geriatrician in nursing homes, assisted living, rehabilitation and clinical...Read more

James-Robert Sellinger - Importance of Green Development, Design and Operations in Senior LivingFri, 23 Oct 2020 | Hanh Brown / James-Robert Sellinger | Season 1 | Epsisode 52 Episode artwork
James-Robert Sellinger, Principal. Mr. Sellinger is a real estate executive with over 25 years experience in diverse institutional and entrepreneurial environments. James has a successful career in transactional commercial real estate and a track record in formulating creative financial structures within the capital, property and real estate asset markets. James has recently become interested in green housing and is involved in funding ground-up land development for senior housing properties as a Principal of SLD.James-Robert is also CFO and Partner in Built Environment, a benefits corporation committed to integrating sustainability and...Read more

Chai Chuah - Future of Health Systems, Developing Leaders We Need and Better Care for Our SeniorsFri, 23 Oct 2020 | Hanh Brown / Chai Chuah | Season 1 | Epsisode 51 Episode artwork
Chai Chuah, until February 2018, was the Director-General of Health and Chief Executive of the New Zealand Ministry of Health. He is a Chartered Accountant, born in Malaysia, educated in Malaysia and New Zealand, and now resides in New Zealand. He has nearly 30 years of operational, strategic, and policy experience in healthcare services and systems. He is the first and only Asian to have held a Chief Executive position in the New Zealand public service. He currently speaks, writes, and provides advice on "Future of Health Systems, Developing Leaders...Read more

Michael Hartman - Capital Seniors Housing (CSH) Building Communities for the Best GenerationSun, 18 Oct 2020 | Hanh Brown / Michael Hartman | Season 1 | Epsisode 50 Episode artwork
Michael Hartman is responsible for CSH’s Active Living platform, which focuses on investing in assets catering to residents who are Over 55. This opportunity includes acquiring and renovating existing assets, as well as developing new assets that are uniquely tailored to this community. Michael brings more than two decades of commercial real estate principal and advisory expertise to his role with CSH. Prior to joining CSH, Michael was director of Investments, Senior Housing for Cortland Partners focusing exclusively on Active Living assets. Over a two-year period, he executed six transactions...Read more

Stephanie Erickson - Helping Older Adults With Dementia and Their FamiliesSun, 18 Oct 2020 | Hanh Brown / Stephanie Erickson | Season 1 | Epsisode 49 Episode artwork
Stephanie Erickson, author of Plan for Aging Well, was born and raised in California. She has a Master’s Degree in Social Work, is a Certified Alzheimer’s Disease Treatment Specialist (CADTS) and is licensed in both Quebec and California. She founded Erickson Resource Group, a clinical practice providing decision-making capacity evaluations for legal proceedings and expert opinions related to support for older adults.  She also provides online consulting services for caregivers throughout North America. As a Family Caregiving Expert, she is a regular contributor on media outlets throughout the U.S. and...Read more

Yale Goldberg - 100% Contact-Free - Your Face is Your IDSun, 18 Oct 2020 | Hanh Brown / Yale Goldberg | Season 1 | Epsisode 48 Episode artwork
As Chief of Staff at PopID, a Cali Group company, Yale Goldberg is responsible for developing and launching the PopID brand and products, generating brand and product awareness and sharing the vision, benefits and story with partners and end users. Prior to joining PopID he was a management consultant for Black & Veatch, a global engineering consulting firm. While at Black and Veatch Yale worked on projects for leading international technology and mining companies, helping them to implement production efficiencies and establish cyber security standards. Yale holds a B.S and...Read more

Cate McCarty - Diagnosis of Dementia is the First Quarter of the Game and it has Much OvertimeSun, 18 Oct 2020 | Hanh Brown / Dr. Cate McCarty | Season 1 | Epsisode 47 Episode artwork
Catherine McCarty, PhD, ADC Dr. Catherine McCarty is a Gerontologist and dementia coach whose clinical experience includes over forty years of creating quality of life for individuals with dementia. Catherine has a broad range of experience in Long Term Care. Starting as a nursing assistant, she knows the value of personalized care when providing physical care. As a memory engagement specialist, Catherine applies passion for creating quality of life experiences. Throughout Catherine's Master’s in Thanatology and my PhD in Aging Studies, her focus has been on the best in memory...Read more

Rick Banas - Affordable Assisted Living CommunitiesTue, 13 Oct 2020 | Hanh Brown / Rick Banas | Season 1 | Epsisode 46 Episode artwork
Rick Banas has nearly 45 years of experience in senior living and health care. He has had the opportunity to work with retirement, assisted living and memory care communities, hospitals and health care systems in urban, suburban and rural areas from Maine to California. His experience encompasses marketing, sales, public relations, development and political advocacy. He currently serves as Vice President and Development and Positioning for Gardant Management Solutions, Inc. Ranked as the 12th Largest Provider of Assisted Living in the country in Argentum’s 2020 largest provider list, Gardant operates...Read more

Kori Novak - No One Should Die Alone - Caring for the Incarcerated Older AdultsMon, 12 Oct 2020 | Hanh Brown / Dr. Kori Novak | Season 1 | Epsisode 45 Episode artwork
Dr. Kori Novak is an accomplished Senior Executive with more than 18 years of success spanning healthcare, sports management, and criminal justice. Leveraging extensive experience as a CEO for various organizations Dr. Novak’s broad areas of expertise includes elder care, hospice services, healthcare strategy and public affairs. Throughout her executive career, Dr. Novak has held leadership positions where she was responsible for achieving change and driving successful collaborations within and outside her fields of expertise. In addition, she is a professor at various universities and is a Sr. Researcher in...Read more

Chris Heinz - Westport One Senior Living Leadership RecruitmentWed, 07 Oct 2020 | Hanh Brown / Chris Heinz | Season 1 | Epsisode 44 Episode artwork
Chris Heinz, Managing Partner, Westport One As a Managing Partner of Westport One, Chris leads recruiting Senior Living practice. His team helps organizations identify, qualify and deliver the best leadership talent at the community, regional and executive levels nationally. Chris is a Certified Senior Manager, the former President of the MRINetwork Charitable Foundation Advisory Board, board member for the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation and recipient of the 2016 Alan R. Schonberg Person of the Year. Beyond his professional endeavors, Chris is an endurance athlete, completing 200+ running & triathlon races!...Read more

Kathryne Fassbender - Creative Engagement as a Means to Relate With Your Loved Ones With DementiaMon, 05 Oct 2020 | Hanh Brown / Kathryne Fassbender | Season 1 | Epsisode 43 Episode artwork
Kathryne Fassbender is a Dementia and Creative Engagement Specialist and the granddaughter of someone who lived with Vascular Dementia. She is the creator of the Dementia Letters Project, which serves to walk with those on their dementia journey through training workshops, Life Enrichment program development and facilitation, and care partner support. Kathryne is a native of Wisconsin but now calls the East Coast home. She is a classically trained musician, studio artist, and theatre-maker with a background in the creative arts therapies, and has spent the last 20 years serving...Read more

Dwayne J. Clark - Vulnerability, Authenticity in Senior Living LeadershipSun, 27 Sep 2020 | Hanh Brown / Dwayne J. Clark | Season 1 | Epsisode 42 Episode artwork
Dwayne J. Clark founded Aegis Living to offer breakthrough design, disruptive operational concepts and transformative living experiences that bring joy, comfort, and meaning to the lives of seniors. With more than 30 years in the senior housing arena, he is an established leader nationally known for his creativity, innovation, and independent thinking in the development and management of standard setting senior living communities. Under his leadership, Aegis has grown to more than 30 locations in the Western U.S., employs more than 3,000 staff members, and to date has served more...Read more

Blair Quasnitschka - Effective Team Culture and Successful Senior Living OperationsSun, 27 Sep 2020 | Hanh Brown / Blair Quasnitschka, FACHCA | Season 1 | Epsisode 41 Episode artwork
Blair Quasnitschka is a Sports Management graduate of Springfield College who “found his calling” 5 years after college following in his father’s footsteps of nursing home administration. He spent the first 10+ years of his career in that space operating high-volume Medicare buildings and doing regional operations work for a provider that focused on short term rehab and addiction service/mental health populations. While continuing his efforts in working with seniors, Blair pivoted towards senior living 3 years ago when he took the Executive Director position of a Continuing Care Retirement...Read more

Gregory P. Gorgone - Hospitality Food Service for Senior LivingMon, 21 Sep 2020 | Hanh Brown / Gregory P. Gorgone, CDM, CFPP, FMP | Season 1 | Epsisode 40 Episode artwork
Gregory P. Gorgone, CDM, CFPP, FMP Co-Founder Greg is a graduate and former Chef Instructor of Johnson & Wales University with over 35 years of experience in food service and hospitality management. With a successful track record in the restaurant and hospitality industry, Greg has brought his unique insights and leadership style to the healthcare industry to deliver a more patient centered, culinary driven experience while still keeping careful focus on financial objectives and Resident/Patient Satisfaction Scores. During the initial stages of his career, Greg quickly transitioned from Executive Chef...Read more

Natasha Goldstein-Levitas - Dance Movement Therapy for Loved Ones with DementiaMon, 21 Sep 2020 | Hanh Brown / Natasha Goldstein-Levitas, MA, BC-DMT | Season 1 | Epsisode 39 Episode artwork
Natasha Goldstein-Levitas, MA, BC-DMT  Board Certified Dance/Movement Therapist; Aging & Dementia Care Advisor   Natasha is a Board Certified Dance/Movement Therapist specializing in Aging and Dementia Care. She has two decades of experience working with older adults, individuals living with dementia, and their care partners, across various cultures and socio-economic backgrounds. Natasha feels strongly that regular therapeutic engagement, the creative arts, and a welcoming, sensory-inviting setting are key components to wellness. She is committed to helping to promote healthier aging and overall quality of life for individuals with varying cognitive...Read more

Abby Levy - Primetime Venture Capital to Invest in the Sector of Older AdultsMon, 14 Sep 2020 | Hanh Brown / Abby Levy | Season 1 | Epsisode 38 Episode artwork
Investor and advisor to early stage and growth businesses in the health and wellness space, with a passion around transforming the quality of living for Older Adults. Marketing and Strategy Leader committed to helping businesses grow through smarter Branding, Strategy, Customer Acquisition and Product Development/Commercialization. Abby's Links: LinkedIn: more

Shweta Shyamani – Healthy Ways to Manage Emotions During A Pandemic of AnxietyMon, 14 Sep 2020 | Hanh Brown / Shweta Shyamani | Season 1 | Epsisode 37 Episode artwork
"** I have worked with clients virtually for nine years and continue to do so through the current crisis. I can help if your team needs support navigating the uncharted waters of this unique time. ** As the Chief Inpowerment Officer at Personal Point of Power Holistic Therapies, I work with high-performing professionals and organizations suffering with decreased performance, productivity or fulfillment due to intense stress, internal or external pressures, anxiety, or chronic pain. Inpowerment is about tapping into the power within us, whereas empowerment is bestowed upon us. FOR...Read more

Rachel Nader - How Does Leadership Burnout Affect Our Residents?Mon, 14 Sep 2020 | Hanh Brown / Rachel Nader | Season 1 | Epsisode 36 Episode artwork
"If you're here for real-talk, stick around. I talk about my struggle with mental health; working parent anxiety, the importance of a flexible work schedule as a wife, mother, employee and volunteer. I interviewed for one year after I left the stay-at-home-mom life. What compelled me to join Matchwell? Just as I am empowered with a flexible work schedule - we are changing the industry allowing clinicians to find the same. Organizations are in a clinical staffing crisis. As a technology company, we support clinical recruitment efforts – helping organizations...Read more

Advice for Baby Boomers Who Want to Start Down on the Entrepreneurial Path - Stelios ValavanisMon, 07 Sep 2020 | Hanh Brown / Stelios Valavanis, BAPhy | Season 1 | Epsisode 35 Episode artwork
Stelios Valavanis is founder of onShore Security and investor in several early stage companies. "Boomers are in a different life stage that can offer them exciting new opportunities like pursuing lifelong dreams of entrepreneurship. My advice to Boomers figuring out their entrepreneurial path would be that In addition to exploring the industries you know well, and/or are passionate about, look at what areas are growing in the economy, and have good trajectories over the next decade or two. In my case, I pivoted my business, onShore Security, about 10 years...Read more

How Healthcare Data Can Be Liberated For Senior Living? - Ngan K. MacDonald, MSISMon, 07 Sep 2020 | Hanh Brown / Ngan K. MacDonald, MSIS | Season 1 | Epsisode 34 Episode artwork
Ngan K. MacDonald is an executive with experience in analytics, information management, healthcare reform, IT strategy and business transformation. She leads projects, both large and small, in data, strategy and implementation. "Healthcare is in the midst of a technology and data transformation." - Ngan K. MacDonald. Ngan's experience in both consulting and corporate enterprise data functions ensures a deep understanding of both what it takes for companies to execute their strategy and how to leverage expert resources in the market. "Data management and analytics go hand in hand to improve...Read more

How to Run Your Senior Housing Safely & Effectively During Pandemics? - Ashutosh Saxena & Maja RudinacFri, 04 Sep 2020 | Hanh Brown / Ashutosh Saxena & Maja Rudinac | Season 1 | Epsisode 33 Episode artwork
Ashutosh Saxena received his PhD in Artificial Intelligence with Andrew Ng at Stanford University, and went on to become a pioneering professor at Cornell. He received numerous awards including Sloan Fellowship, MIT Innovators under 35, and 8 people to watch by Smithsonian Institution."I realized that elderly living is an under served demographic. The biggest worry people have is that something would happen to them and no one would even know. With advances in Artificial Intelligence and IoT, it is the right time to develop AI for addressing the needs of...Read more

Hotel Conversions to Senior Living & Staff Culture - Miri Hadas Koller, BSc, MBAWed, 02 Sep 2020 | Hanh Brown / Miri Hadas Koller, BSc, MBA | Season 1 | Epsisode 32 Episode artwork
It's all about vibrancy, engagement, activities in stimulation and, further development, whether it's an online class or any skill set they want to acquire. If you're blessed enough to to live in an independent living community that provides it's a perfect fit. I find these days that the majority of retirement homes are very good homes with very good operators. I think there are very, very few which are not up to standard. I think if you go into a retirement home and you feel a good vibe and you...Read more

Investing in Longevity - Scott FultonSat, 29 Aug 2020 | Hanh Brown / Scott Fulton | Season 1 | Epsisode 31 Episode artwork
Scott has spent his career in innovation and change, testing the paradigms, constantly moving and learning. He got turned on to longevity when he started doing marathons and Ironman triathlons in his forties. Today he focuses on practical methods to extend healthspan and longevity. Scott works on the five key elements of longevity; the same five key elements that produce the best health because longevity is really a function of PR prolonging health and delaying the onset of disease, or what we typically refer to is age related or, or...Read more

What Matters - Not "What's The Matter" - Palliative Care For The 21'st Century - Michael D. Fratkin, MDWed, 26 Aug 2020 | Hanh Brown / Michael D. Fratkin, MD | Season 1 | Epsisode 30 Episode artwork
Please meet my guest who's approaching life and the practice of medicine with love and respect, Michael D. Fratkin, MD is a builder, an innovator and a dreamer. We discuss Palliative Care For The 21'st Century and "What Matters". Standing on a foundation of inspiration and burnout, Dr. Fratkin began creating ResolutionCare Network to build capacity for capable and compassionate palliative care in the rural Northern California community in which he made his home. He has been a transformative and provocative voice for improving the experience of people and families...Read more

Hyderabad to Hollywood ~ Journey of a Clinical Gerontologist with Sai Raj Kappari, PharmD, MSGSun, 16 Aug 2020 | Hanh Brown / Sai Raj Kappari, PharmD, MSG | Season 1 | Epsisode 29 Episode artwork
Sai Raj Kappari is a Clinical Gerontologist and works in emphasizing the biopsychosocial aspects of aging and its impact on the wellbeing of individuals he serves. He has a PharmD and Master of Science in Gerontology from University of Southern California. Dr. Kappari is the co founder of HEMA.Inc a California based corporation providing resources and expertise for older adult organizations. Dr.Kappari is member of California Longterm Care Association and has developed curricula for community colleges and universities across California. Dr.Kappari believes in empowering youth and providing opportunities for those...Read more

Senior Living Engagement and Wellness with Jim Concotelli MSW, Ph.D.Tue, 11 Aug 2020 | Hanh Brown / Jim Concotelli | Season 1 | Epsisode 28 Episode artwork
Dr. Jim Concotelli recently retired after over 30 years in the senior housing industry. He worked in senior leadership positions for several of the largest management companies developing holistic wellness programs and memory care service models. Several of Jim’s programs won national recognition including three Argentum “Best of the Best” awards and an International Council on Active Aging “Innovators Award.” Many of these programs are still active in senior living communities around the US. Currently, his company Living Wise and Well, provides consulting services and online mind/body classes. You can...Read more

Telomere Extension Turns Back Aging Clock with Ed CarmodyFri, 07 Aug 2020 | Hanh Brown / Ed Carmody | Season 1 | Epsisode 27 Episode artwork
Today my guest is Ed Carmody. He is a Wellness Specialist helping people achieve good health. Global Internet Entrepreneur, RE, Philanthropist, and Field Engineer. We talk about the purpose and function of the Telomere; "an essential part of human cells that affect how our cells age. Telomeres are the caps at the end of each strand of DNA that protect our chromosomes, like the plastic tips at the end of shoelaces. Without the coating, shoelaces become frayed until they can no longer do their job, just as without telomeres, DNA...Read more

Dementia Care During the COVID-19 Pandemic with Dr. Rhonda Collins M.D.Sun, 02 Aug 2020 | Hanh Brown / Rhonda Collins M.D. | Season 1 | Epsisode 26 Episode artwork
It was my pleasure to interview Dr. Rhonda Collins M.D. on how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the care given to seniors in independent living, assisted living, and dementia care. She currently performs many roles, namely:Family Physician with a certificate of added competence in Care of the ElderlyLead physician of a hospital-based memory clinic for the diagnosis and treatment of cognitive impairment and dementiaConsultant Physician, Senior’s Mental Health Outreach Program, St. Joseph’s Healthcare, helping patients and families experiencing behavioural challenges of living with dementiaChief Medical Officer at Revera, a leading...Read more

AI in Senior Living to Detect and Prevent Falls with Caleb York PhB, ThBMon, 27 Jul 2020 | Hanh Brown / Caleb York PhB, ThB | Season 1 | Epsisode 25 Episode artwork
Caleb York is a passionate leader and eager learner who possesses a unique ability to quickly assimilate information and affect positive change. His current mission to help enable older adults to age well in place with VirtuSense Technologies. Caleb has garnered praise in improving revenue, operational efficiency, and deliverables across healthcare, the automotive industry, and the service sector. Caleb holds a B.A. in Philosophy and Theology from the Moody Bible Institute. Please join us as we discuss his experience on how to improve senior living using AI technology and his...Read more

Validating Your Loved One With Dementia with Scott Tolan, MAG, MSCTue, 21 Jul 2020 | Hanh Brown / Scott Tolan, MAG, MSC | Season 1 | Epsisode 24 Episode artwork
Today my guest is Scott Tolan, he joined Open Arms in August 2019 as the Dementia Program Director. Prior to Open Arms, Scott has held various positions in the aging field including work in home care, assisted living and skilled nursing, case management, and adult protective services. His dementia experience includes leading different dementia residences on both the assisted living and skilled nursing sides. Scott enjoys providing education and assistance to clients and their families as they navigate the journey of dementia. He has a passion for serving seniors with...Read more

Naval Disciplined Heart Driving Senior Living Development with Rocky Goins MBA, BSEThu, 16 Jul 2020 | Hanh Brown / Rocky Goins MBA, BSE | Season 1 | Epsisode 23 Episode artwork
Today my guest is Rocky Goins. He has rich development and construction experience ranging from commercial/retail, mix-use and senior living development. After serving his country as a Naval Officer in the Civil Engineer Corps/Seabees, Rocky developed multiple grocery store (Publix, Winn-Dixie and Kash-n-Karry) retail centers. With the Rouse company, Rocky enjoyed master-planning town centers, retail construction, and was the senior project manager for the Faneuil Hall Marketplace (Boston) renovation. Rocky entered the Senior Living Industry in 2002, and advanced rapidly at Sunrise Senior Living until the recession stopped their entire...Read more

How to Protect Your Cognitive Vitality with Elizabeth Mills Ph.D.Wed, 08 Jul 2020 | Hanh Brown / Elizabeth Mills Ph.D. | Season 1 | Epsisode 22 Episode artwork
Please welcome Elizabeth Mills, PhD, a member of the ADDF's Aging and Alzheimer's Prevention program. She critically evaluates the scientific evidence regarding prospective therapies to promote brain health and/or prevent Alzheimer's disease, and contributes to Dr. Mills came to the ADDF from the University of Michigan, where she served as the grant writing manager for a clinical laboratory specializing in neuroautoimmune diseases. She also completed a Postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Michigan, where she worked to uncover genes that could promote retina regeneration. She earned her doctorate in...Read more

Senior Living for Churches, Veterans, and the Developmentally Disabled with Michael KlattTue, 30 Jun 2020 | Hanh Brown / Michael Klatt | Season 1 | Epsisode 21 Episode artwork
Today, my guest is Michael Klatt, He was the president and CEO at The Lutheran Home Association, serving as their pastor for 30+ years. The Lutheran Home Association is a not-for-profit ministry dedicated to providing for the spiritual, physical, and emotional needs of people in its care. They offer a wide variety of health-care, housing, and spiritual outreach services with campuses and congregational programs serving seniors and individuals with intellectual developmental disabilities nationwide. Services include senior living, skilled nursing care, memory care, and disability services. He has stepped down after...Read more

Weathering the Storm: Glimpses of the COVID-19 Frontlines from Skilled Nursing Operator Steve LaForteWed, 20 May 2020 | Hanh Brown / Steve LaForte | Season 1 | Epsisode 20 Episode artwork
Please welcome Steve LaForte, he has a 22-year career as a structured finance attorney, C-Suite Executive and Entrepreneur in the post-acute care and senior housing industries. Over that span he has had the privilege to assist some of the largest companies in those industries on growth and financing initiatives, having participated in over $10B of transactions in his career. Steve has also founded and grown 3 national companies in the post-acute care industry, providing care to over 1000 residents. Currently, Steve is Director of Strategic Operations and General Counsel for...Read more

Active Aging, The Process Of Being An Active Adult with Colin MilnerThu, 07 May 2020 | Hanh Brown / Colin Milner | Season 1 | Epsisode 19 Episode artwork
Please join us as we sit down with Colin Milner, CEO of the International Council on Active Aging and founder of the active-aging industry in North America. Milner is also a leading authority on the health and well-being of the older adult, and has been recognized by the World Economic Forum as one of "the most innovative and influential minds" in the world on aging-related topics. An award-winning writer, Milner has authored more than 300 articles. He has been published in such journals as Global Policy, and the Annual Review...Read more

Designing a Vibrant, Thriving and Respectful Home for the Baby Boomers with Jeffrey Anderzhon, FAIA, NCARBFri, 01 May 2020 | Hanh Brown / Jeffrey Anderzhon, FAIA | Season 1 | Epsisode 18 Episode artwork
Please give a warm welcome to my guest Jeffrey Anderzhon, FAIA. He is Senior Planner/Design Architect for Eppstein Uhen Architects specializing in environments for the elderly. He holds a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Illinois Institute of Technology where he received the 2008 Alumni Professional Achievement Award. He is licensed as an Architect in 26 states and a member of the College of Fellows, American Institute of Architects. He is co-author of the books “Design for Aging Post Occupancy Evaluations” and “Design for Aging, International Case Studies of Building and...Read more

Aging Journey, A Work In-Progess with Michelle Olsen PhD, LCAT, ATR-BCFri, 24 Apr 2020 | Hanh Brown / Michelle Olsen PhD, LCAT, ATR-BC | Season 1 | Epsisode 17 Episode artwork
Please join me today in welcoming GeroPros founder Dr. Michelle Olson, a social gerontologist and creative arts therapist. Michelle has spent over two decades working closely with older adults in eldercare settings and also with their care partners in the community. In fact, it was Michelle’s desire to empower older adults and improve their care and support those who care for them, that propelled her to obtain a PhD in gerontology leadership.As a gerontologist, Michelle recognizes that older people are all unique individuals from various walks of life with unique...Read more

Insights from the Coronavirus Fight in China with Jeff GronemeyerTue, 24 Mar 2020 | Hanh Brown / Jeff Gronemeyer | Season 1 | Epsisode 16 Episode artwork
Jeff Gronemeyer is the Director International Census Development with Meridian Senior Living. They run 23 senior living communities between US and China, one of which is in Wuhan. Jeff is here to share his experience weeks in China during the Coronavirus outbreak and how he managed to get back to his family.On Dec. 31, the government in Wuhan, China, confirmed that health authorities were treating dozens of cases. Days later, researchers in China identified a new virus that had infected dozens of people in Asia. At the time, there was...Read more

Ending Aging by Reversing Human Aging in Our Lifetime with Dr. Aubrey de Grey PhDFri, 06 Mar 2020 | Hanh Brown / Dr. Aubrey de Grey, PhD | Season 1 | Epsisode 15 Episode artwork
Scientists who study the biology of Aging agreed that we would someday be able to slow down the aging process substantially. Dr. Aubrey de Grey, Chief Science Officer at SENS Research Foundation and VP of New Technology Discovery at AgeX Therapeutics, believes that the critical biomedical technology required to eliminate aging derived debilitation and death is now within reach. In his book “Ending Aging” he and his research assistant Michael Rae described the details of this biotechnology. They explained that the aging of the human body, just like the Aging...Read more

Connected Living For Baby Boomers, Families, And Social Communities With Sarah Hoit BA, MBAThu, 20 Feb 2020 | Hanh Brown / Sarah Hoit BA, MBA | Season 1 | Epsisode 14 Episode artwork
Sarah Hoit is a social entrepreneur whose career has focused on strategies that impact significant issues affecting families and their communities.She co-founded Connected Living in 2007 to create a private social network that bridges the “digital divide” for millions of seniors. Connected Living provides a “high tech and high touch” way for families to connect privately, access goods and services, and enhance their quality of life.Sarah was previously Founder and CEO of Explore, Inc. It is an education company that operated programs that met the academic and social needs of...Read more

Social Cafes For Loved Ones With Dementia with Laurie Gunter Mantz OTR, CADDCTThu, 13 Feb 2020 | Hanh Brown / Laurie Gunter Mantz OTR, CADDCT | Season 1 | Epsisode 13 Episode artwork
Laurie Gunter Mantz, OTR, CADDCT, is an occupational Therapist, Educator, and Advocate who has worked in the dementia specialty of assisted living for 15+ years. She is a certified Alzheimer's Dementia Care Trainer for the last 7 years. She is Founder and CEO of Dementia Training for Life, Occupational Therapist and certified Dementia Care Practitioner, Instructor and Care Manager. By providing specialized training to healthcare providers, first responders, home care organizations and family members, individuals with dementia will lead more productive, rewarding, independent and individual centered lives. Laurie is a...Read more

Indiana Town Making Changes To Accommodate Baby Boomers With Patricia Faust MGS, CAtSat, 01 Feb 2020 | Hanh Brown / Patricia Faust MGS, CAt | Season 1 | Epsisode 12 Episode artwork
Please join me today as I talk with Patricia Faust MGS, CAt, Director of Initiatives for Successful Senior Aging at Wellness Wishes Incorporated. She is a Gerontologist/Brain Health Specialist; her focus is on the health and function of the brain. As a gerontologist she understands the impact of the Baby Boomer Generation and economic and medical landscape. She has a master’s degree in gerontology and a nursing home administrators license, which allows her to understand the needs of the residents, the state and federal regulations for Long-term Care / Memory...Read more

Vietnam Senior Living, Senior Care, and Healthcare for Baby Boomers with Ron ArmonSat, 25 Jan 2020 | Hanh Brown / Ron Armon | Season 1 | Epsisode 11 Episode artwork
Ron Armin is a senior living real estate developer. He came to Vietnam 10 years ago and he fell in love with the country, culture, the people, and the real estate. Ron is now Managing Partner at Silvercrane Holdings. He's developing family oriented luxury senior living solutions in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. The projects are intended for high level professionals seeking an aspirational urban lifestyle, accessible to family and friends. His project team is comprised of leading real estate professionals in Vietnam and globally over now senior residence...Read more

China's Senior Care And Senior Living With Bromme Hampton Cole 柯 博 明Sat, 18 Jan 2020 | Hanh Brown / Bromme Hampton Cole 柯 博 明 | Season 1 | Epsisode 10 Episode artwork
Bromme Hampton Cole 柯 博 明 was Vice President of Deutsche Bank, then later President of Hampton Hoerter Healthcare, a technology company focused on providing digital solutions for senior health care management. He was also the President of Care Expo - 董事长, China’s largest multinational aged-care B2B conference and trade show. Most recently he was Director of Special Programs for Chun Xuan Mao (Senior Living L'Amore), one of the largest senior health care companies in China. He migrated Quality Assessment to an online platform which allows for greater Quality Assessment...Read more

Impact Of Behavior Acuity On Senior Living - with Dr. Paul Nussbaum Ph.D., ABPPSun, 12 Jan 2020 | Hanh Brown / Dr. Paul Nussbaum Ph.D., ABPP | Season 1 | Epsisode 9 Episode artwork
If you are caring for a loved one with dementia (or the hundreds of forms of dementia), it is important to understand how the brain works. What is the purpose of your brain? The brain controls and coordinates actions and reactions that allow us to think and feel and enables us to have memories and feelings—all the things that make us human. Today's episode is with Dr. Paul Nussbaum Ph.D.,ABPP, President and Founder of the Brain Health Center, Inc., Clinical Neuropsychologist, and Adjunct Professor of Neurological Surgery University of Pittsburgh...Read more

Caring For A Loved One With Dementia with Dr. David C. Weisman MDThu, 09 Jan 2020 | Hanh Brown / Dr. David C. Weisman MD | Season 1 | Epsisode 8 Episode artwork
Dementia is a disease / condition that is characterized by a decline in memory, language, problem-solving, and other thinking skills. This condition will affect a person's ability to perform everyday activities such as memory loss. Is Alzheimer's the most common cause of dementia? Dementia is a very broad word and all it means is having a cognitive problem that makes one unable to carry out previous activities that can be difficulty with doing finances or calculating a tip, missing appointments, unable to drive without getting lost. Anything that changes you...Read more

Senior Living Operator of 28 Years With a Heart to Serve The Elderly with Nestor EligioSat, 14 Dec 2019 | Hanh Brown / Nestor Eligio | Season 1 | Epsisode 7 Episode artwork
Today my guest is Nestor Eligio, AAHA, CDAL, a senior living operator for 28 years. A successful Executive Director for various Senior Living communities including Sunrise Senior living, MBK Senior living, Silverado, brook dale, and he was senior commissioner of Pasadena Summerville Senior living.Nestor has devoted his life in the senior living industry working in partnership with health care, Sales, Physician Relations, Business Management, Financial management, and Healthcare Management. We are blessed to have Nestor in thus industry with a hear to serve the elderly. Hey Nestor, Welcome and thank...Read more

Real Estate Development Is a Bit Like War Planning with Ian Jones MRICSSat, 14 Dec 2019 | Hanh Brown / Ian Jones MRICS | Season 1 | Epsisode 6 Episode artwork
Born in Glasgow Scotland, resides in Toronto, Ian Jones MRICS, President of BGI Group,, comes with 50 Years of Real Estate Development and has Survived 5 Recessions.Now, Ian is focusing on the "Forgotten Middle" and is building Senior Living for a nonprofit."Real Estate Development is a bit like War Planning." With Ian Jones MRICS You can follow Ian on LinkedIn at His website: Ian has 50+ years in Construction and Development of large scale RE Projects - Canada and USA Specialties: Development of large scale Real Estate...Read more

The How To's Of Senior Housing Development with with Boone NerrenSat, 14 Dec 2019 | Hanh Brown / Boone Nerren | Season 1 | Epsisode 5 Episode artwork
Senior housing properties are in high demand as the number of Baby Boomers entering retirement is growing daily. As the largest demographic of Americans, these Baby Boomers will be in need of care and housing supply in the decades to come. The number of Americans 65 and older will hit 79.2 million by 2035 as the Baby Boomer generation ages.This massive demographic continues to drive great demand for senior real estate properties. With Boone Nerren....Read more

How To Get Started In Senior Housing Investments with Mark MyersSat, 14 Dec 2019 | Hanh Brown / Mark Myers | Season 1 | Epsisode 4 Episode artwork
The number of Americans 65 and older will increase from 47.8 million in 2015 to 79.2 million by 2035, due to the emergence of Baby Boomers into the age of retirement. Such a vast increase only creates a greater demand for Senior Living Facilities. Please join me and Mark Myers as we talk about Baby Boomers and Senior Living Facilities from a broker's point of view....Read more

Lessons Learned From Real Estate Operator And Educator Joe AnfusoSat, 14 Dec 2019 | Hanh Brown / Joe Anfuso | Season 1 | Epsisode 3 Episode artwork
Joe Anfuso, Chief Financial Officer at MG Properties Group, a private real estate owned company operating about 20,000 units on the west side of the United States.  Joe is responsible for directing the financial and fiscal management of company Operations, including budgeting, treasury, tax, accounting, information technology, risk management, and insurance.  He joined us on the podcast to discuss what he’s teaching in college, opportunities for the up-and-coming real estate graduates, simple steps to learning real estate, and how to read the pro forma like a story. You can listen...Read more

Cost Effective Strategies In Rehabbing Thousands Of Multifamily Units with Kim Radaker BaysSat, 14 Dec 2019 | Hanh Brown / Kim Radaker Bays | Season 1 | Epsisode 2 Episode artwork
Kim Radaker Bays is the Principal Managing Partner at Exponential Property Group. It is a fully licensed Real Estate Brokerage in the State of Texas. (TREC License number 9001260) EXPPG is an important piece of the Exponential Property Group of Companies as it allows the managers to deal directly with other brokers, saving time and hassles. Having an in-house brokerage firm creates additional value to investors as a portion of the commissions received are frequently rebated directly back to the project on both the purchase and sales sides, which drastically...Read more

Cultivating Relationships In Finding Investment Gems with Thomas B. Wilkinson and Reuven BiskSat, 14 Dec 2019 | Hanh Brown / Thomas B. Wilkinson / Reuven Bisk | Season 1 | Epsisode 1 Episode artwork
Thomas B. WilkinsonVice President and KET’s Brokerage; In addition to brokering real estate, Tom previously owned and operated more than 80 communities.  His team that sells 10% of the apartments sold in Houston.  Since its inception, KET has specialized in the brokerage of apartment complexes in the Houston, Dallas, Austin and San Antonio areas, Class “A”, “B”, and “C”.  His team has a combined sales volume in excess of $4 Billion.Reuven BiskCFO & General Counsel – Better World Properties, LLCAs a licensed attorney, Reuven has practiced corporate, securities, and tax...Read more